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  • Specialists in brush strip & rubber sealing systems
  • Sealing systems for industrial & commercial uses
  • Industrial, comercial and garage door seals
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    JA Seals Ltd

    Brush Strips

    JA Seals has now become one of the fastest growing manufacturers of brush strip and rubber sealing systems that have been designed for both commercial and industrial applications.

    Applications include:

    - Industrial Door Seals
    - Commercial Door Seals
    - Concertina Door Seals
    - Revolving Door Seals
    - Data Centre Brush Strip
    - Spray Booth Maintenance
    - Garage Door Seals
    - Acoustic Noise Control
    - Recycling Solutions
    - Airport Hangars

    JA Seals is also able to design, manufacture and supply a vast range of bespoke products than can be made to order to meet our customers' specific requirements, from brush strip in various filaments such as our nylon filament through to Mexican fibre and horse hair products.

    We offer a free delivery service to mainland UK and all prices shown on our website include VAT so there are no hidden charges when checking out.

    Industrial Brush Seals
    The high quality brush seals from JA Seals are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations from 10mm to 250mm, each coming with a black nylon trim and your own choice of aluminium carrier. You can also choose which angle and length you require.

    Garage Door Seals
    Various types of garage door seals available from 2.5mm through to 25mm and include rubber floor seals, rubber garage door seals, brush strip door seals and garage threshold door seals.

    Roller Shutter Door Seals
    Our roller shutter door seals have been specifically designed to fit all types of roller shutter doors both on the guide and bottom rails including wraparound rubber door seals, self-adhesive foam seals, clip on shutter seal and clip on twin pile guide seal.

    Lorry Door Seals
    The lorry door seals manufactured by JA Seals features rigid PVC with co-extruded PVC/Nitrile rubber and are available in 3m lengths off the shelf and delivered to your door. It can also be made to order if you so desire so please get in touch for more information.

    Intumescent Seals
    Our intumescent seals seal that gap between the fire door and frame in the event of a fire to prevent the spread of smoke and hot gases. These fire seals can remain dormant for many years only activating when exposed to rising temperatures and pressures when faced with a fire outbreak.

    Concertina Door Kits
    JA Seals will make concertina door kits to your own specific requirements including 6", 9" & 12" panel sizes all of which are available on request so for more details please get in touch.

    Hygienic Wall Cladding
    We also design and manufacture a vast range of wall cladding trims for both trade and the domestic markets so why not contact us today to find out more.

    To find out more about the complete range of products and services provided by J A Seals Ltd please visit our online shop or contact us directly.

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