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  • Data centre cleaning services
  • Data room cleaning - Floor and IT equipment
  • Technical cleaning to the broadcast industry
  • Data centre cleaning services
  • Data room cleaning - Floor and IT equipment
  • Technical cleaning to the broadcast industry
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IT Cleaning Ltd

Specialists in the cleaning of IT Equipment and Infrastructure only

Since 2002 IT Cleaning Ltd has been providing customers with a professional data centre cleaning service including for IT Equipment, Broadcasting Equipment, Data Centres, Server Rooms, Gallery’s, Edit suites, Comms Rooms and other IT infrastructure.

Managed by dedicated individuals who have a complete understanding of the intricate processes needed to operate successful Data Centres IT Cleaning Ltd offers one of the most cost effective IT cleaning services and will validate your Data Room and Server Room to ISO 14644-1-2015 Class 8 Standard or better.

This validation specification is the current best for data cleaning and companies such as Dell, EMC and Sun now require their equipment is contained in a clean environment so if equipment fails due to dust contamination warranties may be declared void.

Our Services - Data Cleaning Standard: ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8

  • Data Centre Cleaning
  • Protecting IT Equipment
  • Contamination Control
  • Internal Server Equipment Cleaning
  • Technical Cleaning
  • PC Cleaning
  • Data Post Construction Cleaning
Data Room Cleaning

Data Centre Cleaning

Where possible IT Cleaning will clean your rooms to ISO 14644-1 2015 Class 8 or better and use only the very best equipment and processes available including HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners and air scrubbers along with micro fibre wiping systems.

Protecting IT Equipment

It’s a fact that one of the biggest causes of particulate dust contamination is the dust created by construction and refurbishment work.

This dust is not only very small it is extremely abrasive therefore very damaging to moving parts within a server such as fans etc.

Two of the most damaging sources of dust are silica based and low toxicity dust such as plasterboard and plaster.

This construction dust is produced in enormous quantities and will quickly block airways and cause overheating. Also dust such as plaster dust has deliquescent at relative humidity lower than the data centres relative humidity so it will absorb moisture and become damp hence promoting corrosion damaging your mission critical equipment.

We will use our protecting IT equipment system in order to enclose the IT equipment or work area, then using HEPA filtered air scrubbers we will create a positive or negative pressure to make sure the dust from the work area cannot migrate into your IT equipment.

We can also control and monitor the temperature within the enclosure to ensure your equipment will continue working to its optimum whilst the refurbishment work continues.

Once your construction work is complete we can technically clean any areas that require cleaning and provide air particulate readings to prove the room is safe, remove the enclosure and hand the whole area back to the Data Centre or IT Manager.

Contamination Control Tiles (TAK Mats)

We will supply IT Decom tiles to actively promote particulate dust from wheels, feet and anything else that is likely to come into contact with the surface.

Internal Server Equipment Cleaning

IT Cleaning Ltd offers a complete internal server equipment cleaning service for internal libraries, internal comms cleaning equipment, tape libraries and switches to name but a few.

This type of cleaning service is often required after construction activities such as drilling whilst the equipment is still running.

Technical Cleaning

We have a wide experience in cleaning sound rooms, radio rooms, edit suites, output rooms, MFT, transmission rooms etc working for clients such as the BBC, MTV, ITN and ITV so to find out more please get in touch.

This is only a small sample of the wide range of IT cleaning services we are able to provide so if you would like further information please visit our website or get in touch.

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