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Sprayseal Foam Insulation

  • Roof insulation and renovation systems.
  • Greatly improve acoustic and thermal insulation
  • A day or two to complete all work.
  • Save over 150 on heating costs.
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Specialising in Industrial and Roofing Spray Foam Insulation

Sprayseal roof insulation and renovation systems do not just eradicate all weatherproofing problems but they also greatly improve both acoustic and thermal insulation making your roof-space quieter and warmer. During the summer months your loft area will remain cool and during the winter will keep in the heat, thus eliminating all problems of burst pipes and condensation. Sprayseal insulation has been applied successfully to thousands of properties over many years.

In 1993 Sprayseal were awarded by a Scottish district council the contract to renovate more than 100 Council houses. This was the largest contract of its type to have been undertaken under the British Board of Agreement Certification requirements. The work was carried out with no disruption or just minor disruption to occupants of the properties. All of the materials used in the Sprayseal process are manufactured to ISO9001 specification. Many councils, local authorities, health authorities and architects are using the Sprayseal system & because external appearance is not affected, it is the perfect solution for listed buildings.

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Roof Insulation, Foam Insulation & Foam Spray by Sprayseal

Sprayseal's insulation, roof insulation, foam insulation, and foam spray takes only a day or two to complete all work and does not require any scaffolding. Sprayseal use an eco friendly spray system which is quick and clean and can be installed with little or no disruption.

The insulation that Sprayseal offer is unrivalled in the market. Perished back pointing and poor performance of current insulation can all be solved by the Sprayseal system. Your loft insulation should last ten times longer using the Sprayseal system.

Roof Insulation
The foam that Sprayseal uses in all its roof insulation techniques does not contain any fibres or toxic gases and as a result will have no effect on anyone suffering from respiratory problems. The roof insulation foam will help prevent access to birds and vermin because it has no nutritive value.

If you are looking for a cost effective and un-disruptive solution to all your roofing problems, give spray seal a call. Our trained team of surveyors will inspect your roofing area to establish what work, if any is required.

Foam Insulation
Sprayseal's foam insulation has been tried and tested across the globe for more than 15 years. Applied to the underside of the roof, the foam insulation can bond tiles and slates together providing a seamless weatherproof barrier.

Foam Spray
The system that Sprayseal use is a foam spray which forms a weatherproof, seamless barrier providing an economical and effective solution to all roofing and insulation problems. The odourless and non-toxic foam spray is suitable for nearly every situation including controlled environments and laboratories, food processing, hospitals, textile production, agricultural and petrochemical applications

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Your chaps have done a great job! Hard workers and very skilful and helpful. No hesitation in recommending your company to anyone!

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