Infrared Heating Products

Infrared Heating Products

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    Infrared Heating Products

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    We may do only one thing here at IHP but it must be said we do it well!

    We are specialists in the design and manufacture of unique, elegant infrared heating panels which have been created to provide a highly efficient alternative to the more traditional convection heating systems around.

    There are many benefits to take advantage of by using infrared panels.

    When it comes to cost effective heating our panels represent the future as displayed below:

    �- FAR Infrared Panels heats objects not the surrounding air
    �- Fast heat up time due to variable power PTC
    �- Will not dry the air so great for allergies and colds
    �- Stops condensation and therefore eliminates dampness and mould etc.
    �- Even warming properties with no cold feet or hot head syndrome
    �- Highly efficient
    �- Low emissivity
    �- No maintenance
    �- Energy saving
    �- Exceptional return on investment
    �- Built in quality
    �- 10 Year Warranty
    �- Multiple mounting options

    Infrared heating panels can be used for a whole range of applications where efficiency is paramount including in the office, domestic sectors, sports halls, community centres, kennels and catteries as well as heating well insulated properties such as todays eco-homes.

    In The Office
    It's a fact that energy usage and efficiency have a major effect on the bottom line of any business so we offer a range of panels which have been specifically designed for suspended ceiling applications.

    All meet todays stringent building regulations and are sure to provide an excellent and highly effective office heating solution.

    In The Home
    Because of their more effective radiant heat landlords and specifiers alike choose infrared heating for their domestic heating installations. We sell direct to trade so if you have any requirements or would like to find out more please get in touch!

    Eco-homes and all well insulated properties will also greatly benefit from our energy efficient infrared panels.

    Our Products
    At IHP Infrared Heating Products we are extremely proud of the range of high quality products we design, manufacture and supply. We further back up our belief in our products with a full 10 year guarantee.

    The sizes we supply have been chosen to cover every eventuality which means we can cater for all heating situations.

    If you would like to see the full range of infrared heating products we supply please visit our website. Alternatively why not get in touch.