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    D-Celtech UK Sales Support Distributor of Weforma Products

    D-Celtech UK distributes the Weforma Daempfungstechnik GmbH range of deceleration technology components for industrial applications. The company provides high quality Industrial Shock Absorbers, Heavy Duty Crane Buffer Shock Absorber and Industrial Shock Absorber Buffers. These are precision engineered at our modern factory site in Germany and offer increased efficiency and cost savings.

    Supported by D-Celtech UK the product range covers the acclaimed Mega-Line range of industrial shock absorbers as well as heavy duty crane buffer shock absorber for both crane and automated warehouse applications. Stainless steel, plastic & clean room use shock absorbers, compact & miniature shock absorbers, deceleration cylinders, door dampers, rotary dampers, speed controls and gas springs as well as a wide range of air springs, rolling lobes, steel spring isolators & metal cushions for vibration isolation, feed escapements and pallet stoppers for parts handling & transfer systems complete the product portfolio.

    The award of DIN ISO9001:2015 confirms the high quality specification of the product range.

    With over 30 years experience in the development of deceleration technology components and having established an excellent reputation for providing a quick response to providing both standard and special versions D-Celtech UK can offer you a solution. If it's achievable, we can offer a solution.

    With the help of a calculation software sizing tool for shock absorbers, heavy duty shock absorber buffers, air springs and rotary dampers the best deceleration solution can easily be found. CAD drawing packages are available to download in both 2D & 3D formats.

    Industrial Shock Absorbers
    D-Celtech offers a wide range of Weforma Adjustable, progressive or self-compensating linear shock absorbers. We also provide a range of optional mounting accessories including proximity switches and protection bellows which can be fitted up to 1.0 series range.

    Working on the helix principle the Weforma Mega-Line shock absorbers from D-Celtech provide increased energy absorption and are available in thread sizes of M4 - M115 with working temperature ranges of 50C to + 120C.

    Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
    Recent years have seen the size and speed of production cranes and automated stacker crane warehouse systems increase. To accommodate the increase in kinetic energy as a result a range of heavy duty shock absorbers have been developed.

    A hydraulic shock absorber is the most cost effective reliable method to dissipate the energy generated by an impact. A spring or rubber buffer will add to the shock loading rather than reducing it and will not dissipate energy at a consistent rate. The moving object is therefore subjected to high shock loading at either the end, or the beginning, of the deceleration stroke.

    Air Springs
    A wide range of rubber air springs, air bellows, air bags available for noise and vibration isolation and pneumatic applications.

    Choose from a wide range of single, double or triple convolution rubber air spring models with both steel and aluminium connection mounting plate options. They provide maintenance free no lubrication, low cost operation and a long service life for a wide range of applications.

    We also offer a range of rolling lobe and sleeve type rubber air spring bellow versions for vibration and pneumatic isolation applications.

    Speed Rate Dampening Control
    The range of Speed Rate Damping Controls from D-Celtech are ideal for precise constant drilling, tapping, cutting and boring machine rate speed regulation control applications such as metal, plastics, glass and wood. Both single and double acting speed controls available with fast turn arounds and delivery.

    Deceleration Cylinders
    Our range of Deceleration Cylinders come with adjustable speed control which makes the ideal for the closure of swing doors, lids, gates, covers, flaps and hatches. The movements these cylinders can control are swinging and oscillating linear movements.

    Gas Spring Struts
    When you require the closing or opening of gates, covers and doors then Gas Spring Struts are the component you need. They have a corrosion resistant body, an internal greased chamber and ceramic coated piston rod to ensure a long and maintenance free life.

    Rotary Dampers
    Our range of Hydraulic Rotary Dampers provides a controlled and smooth rotational motion up to 700Nm torque. We also provide a range of Adjustable Rotary Dampers. They are self contained and maintenance free designed for use with photocopier covers, lids, cupboards and printers.

    Metal Cushions
    The main purpose of a Metal Cushion Mounting is vibration isolation often in machine tool mount applications. Our range are shock absorbing, corrosion resistant and have a temperature range of -90C to +400C. They require little space and are easy to mount.

    Crane Buffers
    Crane Buffers are an ideal compact alternative to Hydraulic Shock Absorbers. They are perfect for use as end stops in crane trolley damper systems and use in port harbours. They have a maintenance free life and are self containing,

    Conveyor Transfer Systems
    Conveyor Transfer System Pallet Stoppers fulfill two functions in the assembly of household and industrial products on pallet conveyor systems. Pallet Stops functions are to forward pallets to the next manufacturing position and ensure smooth deceleration.

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