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  • Efficient Solutions for the biogas industry
  • Manufacture of plates for the chemical industry
  • Reduction in mining maintenance & operating costs
  • Efficient Solutions for the biogas industry
  • Manufacture of plates for the chemical industry
  • Reduction in mining maintenance & operating costs
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Sondex (UK) Ltd

Manufacturing Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers & Pump Systems

Sondex is a global company that specialises in the provision of customer adapted, highly efficient plate heat exchangers for temperature and pressure related applications.

Our many years of experience in this field has provided us with an unrivalled expertise that enables us to offer our customers a service which is second to none. We are well known for our reputation of customer support and listening to their needs wherever plate heat exchangers, pumps or district heating are required. Industries and applications we provide solutions for include Dairy and Food, Chemical, Wastewater, Refrigeration, Pulp and Paper, District Heating, HVAC, Petrochemical, Marine/Offshore, Geothermal, Sugar, Biogas and many more.

Brazed Heat Exchangers

Our high quality and efficient heat exchangers are designed and constructed with a number of thin acid-resistant precision stamped stainless steel plates with brazed copper gaskets and plate packs brazed with two end plates with connections. By using the process of vacuum brazing at high temperatures produces a permanent seal resulting in a strong, robust and compact plate heat exchanger offering high heat transfer capabilities. Applications for these units include:

Heating and cooling of clean liquids Evaporators and condenser units Solar heating and air conditioning units District heating and ventilation Heating pumps and heat recovering units Temperatures from minus 180 C up to 200 C Operating pressure can be as high as 35 bar.

Wastewater Pumps

As leading Submersible Pump Manufacturers Sondex have a range of wastewater pumps that combine intelligent design, high efficiency and practical features including five models available to offer solutions in domestic, small industrial to high hydraulic efficiencies from 18.5 to 95 kW covering the requirements of cities and industry. Main advantages of these highly efficient units include long life cycles, very user friendly and have a closed cooling jacket. They also incorporate adjustable wear rings, cartridge seals, have channel 2 and B-tween impellers with the channel and vortex impeller in the same volute.

Sondex Pumps for Marine and Industrial Application

The highly efficient range of Sondex-MP and Sondex-IP Marine Pumps have a unique hydraulic design with low noise and long life cycles.

The Sondex-MP Marine pump has been specially developed for use in sea water with the main housing constructed of bronze not only to help protect the pump from corrosion but to provide increased wear resistance.

The Sondex-IP Industrial pump is made from cast iron and comes with a bronze impeller that makes it one of the most economically attractive inline cast iron pumps on the market for industrial applications due to its long life cycle and wear resistance of the bronze impeller.

Sondex also specialise in providing customised solutions for a wide range of our products and applications. Our extensive years of experience and knowledge in this field enable us to offer our customers solutions to any requirement they may have whether its District Heating, Freshwater applications, Heat Exchangers or Wastewater, Sanitary and Industrial/Marine Pumps.

For further information about any of the products Sondex are able to offer please visit our main website which also contains contact details.

Other Products

specifically designed for domestic hot water and indirect heating/cooling applications. Various models available suitable for domestic dwellings although these also include the AquaHygia unit which is designed for public buildings such as hotels, schools and swimming pools.

utilises steam for the production of hot water for central heating plants. These units are delivered assembled and tested ready for installation.

Suitable for heating, power plants and large buildings, tailor made to meet specific requirements.

Sondex delivers customised district heating solutions covering all your district heating needs.

we cover all of your needs for pumps in Marine, Industrial, Wastewater and Sanitary applications. Sondex Wastewater Pumps are highly efficient, intelligent in design and practical. 5 models available ranging from domestic to small light industry applications. Our Sondex Sanitary Pumps are designed for the dairy, food, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries and are unique in design. Being competitive in price and high in quality these pumps are the obvious choice when choosing one of the most modern sanitary pumps on the market. Sondex- MP Pumps for Marine and Industrial applications are developed for sea water. The impeller and housing are made from bronze which protects the pump from corrosion. The Sondex-IP cast iron pump is one of the most price attractive inline pumps around for industrial applications due to its extended lifetime and resistance to wear of the bronze impeller. As submersible pump manufacturers we are also able to offer products for a wide range of associated applications.

Sondex Freshwater Distillers utilize the heat from diesel engine jacket cooling water to produce pure drinkable water by means of evaporated sea water under high vacuum. Our freshwater distillers are based on two Sondex titanium plate heat exchangers acting as evaporators and condensers and come in both single and multi-stage options.

Sondex (UK) Ltd provides products and services to a wide range of industries ranging from the pulp & paper industry to the chemical industry, district heating and petro-chemical industries. So if you think Sondex may be able to help you in any of the areas described here or you would like to learn more about Sondex (UK) Ltd please visit our main website which provides more in depth product info, contact details and more.

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