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  • Extensive and up to date R&D facilities
  • Effective, bespoke and smart solutions
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    At Filoform UK, we focus on you - our customers

    Filoform is a highly innovative company that specialises in providing solutions for Cable Joints, Sealing Systems, Fibre Optic Seals, Resins, Heat Shrink Products and Tapes.

    For many years now Filoform have been developing and supplying high quality products and solutions to connect, seal and protect underground cable systems and networks both in domestic and international sectors.

    Our extensive and up to date R&D facilities ensures we remain at the forefront in our industry and able to meet our customers ever growing requirements by providing effective, bespoke and smart solutions.


    Filoform have designed and produced a wide range of Cable Joint products for a number of impressive applications including:

    Cable Joints
    Cast Resin Joints, Heat-Shrink Joints, Connectors, Gel Joints, Filobox, Telecom/Signalling/Coax Joints, FiloSlim LV Cable Jointing System, Taped Resin Injection Joints and a wide range of accessories.

    Sealing Systems
    Fire Resistant Duct Seal, Cabinet Base Sealant, Sealing Systems Type MD, Sealing Plugs, Lead Through Systems and Sealants.

    Fibre Optic Seals
    Divisible Duct Seals 32-63mm, Divisible Duct Seals 10-20mm, Divisible Miniduct Seals, DB-Bundle Breakout Seals, Sealing Plugs, End Caps, One Components Sealers and Glassfibre Connector Adhesive.

    Polyurethane Resins, Epoxy Resins, Injection Joint Resins, Casting Resins, Bonding Resins, Sealing Resins and Expanding Resins.

    Heat Shrink Products
    Heat Shrink End Caps, Heat Shrink Break Out Caps, Shrink Tube, Wrap around Sleeves, Heat Shrink Tape and a range of Associated Tools.

    Our tape products include ranges of Nitto Denko Tapes, Cable Jointing Tapes and Masking Tapes.

    In addition to our range of standard products described above, Filoform are also able to provide our customers with specific solutions. Our modern and up to date R&D department has all the necessary facilities and equipment for carrying out the testing of new product ranges. All products designed by us are tested extensively at our laboratory as well as in the field. We have the necessary expertise and capabilities to carry out all stages starting from development and prototype through to small text series and final production.

    If you would like to find out more about Filoform and our range of innovative products please visit our website which contains a complete list of our products along with distribution network and contact details.

    Filoform FiloSeal+HD Duct Sealing System

    FiloForm FiloSeal HD+ Fire

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    Products and Services

    1. Acrylic Resins
    2. Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink
    3. Bag Sealing Systems
    4. Bespoke Resin Solutions
    5. Bonding Resins
    6. Cabinet Base Sealant
    7. Cable Connectors
    8. Cable Jointing System
    9. Cable Jointing Tapes
    10. Cable Joints
    11. Cable Joints Low Voltage Kits
    12. Case Sealing Systems
    13. Casting Resins
    14. Drain Lining Resins
    15. Drain Resins
    16. Elastomers Heat Shrink
    17. Electrical Connectors
    18. Electrical Crimp Connectors
    19. Electrical Interconnect Heat Shrinkable Tubing
    20. Electronic Connectors
    21. Engineering-Grade Resins
    22. Epoxy And P.U Resin Systems
    23. Epoxy Resin Screed Systems
    24. Epoxy Resin Screeds
    25. Epoxy Resin Services
    26. Epoxy Resins
    27. Equipment Enclosures Install
    28. Expanding Resins
    29. Fibre Optic Seals
    30. Fibre Optical Heat Shrinkable Tubing
    31. Fine Line Masking Tapes
    32. Flattened Heat Shrink Tubing
    33. Fluropolymers Heat Shrink
    34. Gap Sealants
    35. Gaskets And Sealants
    36. General Construction Sealants
    37. Glue & Sealant Specialists
    38. Glue & Sealant Suppliers
    39. Glue 7 Sealant Suppliers
    40. Glues & Sealants
    41. Gutter Sealants
    42. Heat Shrink
    43. Heat Shrink Assemblies
    44. Heat Shrink Automotive
    45. Heat Shrink Break Out Caps
    46. Heat Shrink End Caps
    47. Heat Shrink Film
    48. Heat Shrink Flexible
    49. Heat Shrink Gun
    50. Heat Shrink Guns
    51. Heat Shrink Halogen Free
    52. Heat Shrink High Performance
    53. Heat Shrink High Temperature Applications
    54. Heat Shrink Identification
    55. Heat Shrink Industrial
    56. Heat Shrink Insulation
    57. Heat Shrink Labelling
    58. Heat Shrink Low Smoke
    59. Heat Shrink Markers
    60. Heat Shrink Miniboxes
    61. Heat Shrink Polyolefin Chemical Resistant
    62. Heat Shrink Products
    63. Heat Shrink Protection Products
    64. Heat Shrink PTFE Insulated
    65. Heat Shrink Silicone Rubber
    66. Heat Shrink Sleeving
    67. Heat Shrink Sleeving Abrasion Protection
    68. Heat Shrink Sleeving Medical Industry
    69. Heat Shrink Supplier
    70. Heat Shrink Tape
    71. Heat Shrink Tube
    72. Heat Shrink Tubes
    73. Heat Shrink Tubing
    74. Heat Shrink Tubing Heatshrink Tubing
    75. Heat Shrink Tunnels
    76. Heat Shrink Wrap
    77. Heat Shrinkable
    78. Heat Shrinkable Sleeving
    79. Heat Shrinkable Splice
    80. Heat Shrinkable Tubing
    81. Heat-Shrink Joints
    82. Heatshrink
    83. Heatshrink Sleeving
    84. Heatshrink Sleevings
    85. Heatshrink Supplier
    86. Heatshrink Tube
    87. Heatshrink Tubing
    88. High Performance Adhesive Foam Sealants
    89. High Temperature Sealants
    90. Highly Flexible Heat Shrink
    91. Hot Melt Sealants
    92. Injection Joint Resins
    93. Jointing Tapes
    94. Masking Tapes
    95. Metal Heat Shrink Fitting Induction Heaters
    96. Oriented Wires In Silicone
    97. Plasterboard Jointing Tapes
    98. Polyolefin Heat Shrink
    99. Polyurethane Resins
    100. PTFE Heat Shrink
    101. PVC Heat Shrink
    102. PVC Heat Shrinkable Tubing
    103. Resin Screed Flooring
    104. Resins
    105. Sealants
    106. Sealants And Adhesives
    107. Sealing Plugs
    108. Sealing Resins
    109. Sealing Systems
    110. Silicon Sealants
    111. Silicone Elastomer Heat Shrink Tubing
    112. Specialist Sealants
    113. Stainable Sealants
    114. Surface Sealants
    115. Thin Wall Heat Shrink
    116. Wrap Around Heat Shrink Sleeve

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