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  • Best form of insulation available
  • Available in various kit sizes
  • Insulate & protect against dust, air infiltration
  • Best form of insulation available
  • Available in various kit sizes
  • Insulate & protect against dust, air infiltration
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A.B Building Products Ltd (General Building Materials)

Suppliers of DIY Spray Foam | Expanding Foam | Spray Foam Kits

Touch n Foam

Specialist Expanding Foams from AB Building Products Ltd. Spray Foam Insulation Kits, Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam in an easy to use DIY Spray Foam Kit. Why pay a company when you can Do-It-Yourself and save hundreds of pounds?

DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kits

Our DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kit is a Closed Cell, Polyurethane Foam Insulation System. The Portable Self-Propelled Foam System is fast and easy to use. Two pressurised cylinders linked by hoses to a dispensing gun and when the contents of the two cylinders are dispensed, they chemically react to produce a froth-like substance. This then quickly expands to about three to five times the dispensed volume. Cured Closed Cell Foam resists moisture, insulates, dampens noise, adds structural support, provides an air-seal and fills voids.

Expanding Foam Cans

We stock a wide range of Specialist Expanding Foam cans such as 4 Hour Fire Rated, Air Tight, No-Warp and Black Landscape Waterfall Foams as well as the standard Window and Door Frame Foam used by Builders and home owners alike.

Polyurethane Closed Cell Foam
Our two-part Spray Foam Insulation Kits are 96% Closed Cell making it one of the best forms of insulation available. Our DIY Spray Foam Kits can be sprayed onto almost every surface to help eliminate Condensation problems, Insulate, aid buoyancy in boats, add structural support and reduce noise.

Machine Applied Insulation Spray Foam
For those larger spray jobs or for the more frequent sprayer we offer the CPDS Series 2 Spray Foam Machine. CPDS standing for ‘Constant Pressure Dispensing System’ allows a more superior and faster application. With a built-on air compressor the CPDS Machine just needs power supply. The CPDS Machine is easy to move around to get to the job site.

The CPDS Series 2 is the ideal business start up or for a large spray area as the application time is much faster than normal disposable systems, giving a high foam yield up to 2-1/2 times more.

Typical Quick Cure Applications

... Spraying underside of slate tiles, keeps in place, insulates and water proofs
... Spraying between stud walls, for insulation and sound proofing.
... Spraying wood or metal sheds for insulation and stopping condensation.
... New build or renovation of old properties. (Barn Conversions)
... Spray narrow boats
... Insulating commercial & residential construction
... Filling openings in boats & trailers
... Converting vans & buses
... Cold storage warehouses
... Noise reduction
... Insulating spas & hot tubs
... Insulating transportation trailers
... Large surface coverage and large voids
... Loft and/or Roof insulation
... Stage & set design
... Skateboard Ramps/Parks

SR Slow Rise
is a multi-purpose slow-rise polyurethane foam. It is formulated to slowly rise and fill, insulating large enclosed spaces and blind cavities. Expanding Foam SR Foam is a two-component poured-in-place foam that cures tack-free in 60 to 90 seconds. To help fill cavities and hard to reach areas, you can attach a clear plastic extension hose to the tip of the nozzle.

Typical Slow Rise applications include:

... Insulating refrigerated trailer floors and walls
... Sound and noise reduction in walls
... Insulation in walls
... Filling openings in boats and pontoons
... Buoyancy in boats
... Filling blind cavities and narrow openings

Now Available Is a Machine Applied System (CPDS Series 2)

CPDS Series 2 Constant Pressure Dispensing System

The convenience of disposable foam kits meets the efficiency of bulk systems in the new CPDS™ Series 2 from Touch ’n Seal®. The CPDS Series 2 is a portable, constant pressure spray foam dispensing system that uses compressed air to deliver higher foam yield, up to 2-1/2 times as fast as foam kits. With minimal investment and training the CPDS Series 2 offers an ideal opportunity for business start-up or service expansion. And with less trash, less chemical waste, disposable cylinders, and no ozone depleting chemicals, means you can also feel good about your impact on the environment.

CPDS Series 2 System Features

... Ideal for business start-up or service expansion
... High profit center, low maintenance
... Eliminates the need for bulk systems in mid-sized projects
... Ideal for mid-sized projects, rehabs & renovations, repairs and "call backs"
... Commonly available replacement parts
... 2X faster foam delivery and up to 20% greater yield than disposable foam kits
... Foam dispenses from cylinder bottom, resulting in virtually no chemical waste
Economical - lower cost per board foot than kits

The Touch ‘n Seal CPDS Series 2 comes complete, ready to use, just add the appropriate “A” & “B” chemical cylinder set. The CPDS Series 2 comes with all necessary tools, an operational DVD, a 30’ chemical delivery hose set, 2 spray foam applicators, 50 disposable spray nozzles and a set of operational and maintenance manuals.

The CPDS Series 2 is easily handled and transported by a single individual. It is ideal for those situations where a rig or bulk system is too much or disposable kits are too little. Chemical cylinder sets are available for both 1.75 pcf and 1.00 pcf Class 1, Fire Retardant polyurethane spray foam.

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