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  • A professional tenant eviction company
  • Founded by landlords for landlords
  • Covering tenant eviction in London
  • A professional tenant eviction company
  • Founded by landlords for landlords
  • Covering tenant eviction in London
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Eviction Management Services London

The team at Eviction Management Services has over ninety years of experience in providing landlords in London and surrounding areas with a successful tenant eviction service.

Tenant Eviction Services London
Whether youíre new to renting out your first property or a highly experienced landlord with property in the London area we have the skills necessary to provide you with a professional tenant eviction service.

Why Use Eviction Management Services?
Today most tenant eviction companies focus entirely on the legal process in order to obtain possession of a property, however to us you're not just another possession claim. We treat you as an individual and will tailor a service around your specific needs.

Also unlike many of our competitors we take the time to review each case before we proceed. We will reassure and look after you throughout the whole process, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Our different approach also means we can quite literally start work on your case within 24 hours of receiving payment and the documents we require.

The Process
First of all we take the time to look into your case and if after careful consideration we think you stand a good chance of securing your property we will proceed with your project.

Many of our competitors will ask for a fee even before looking into a case so they have no idea whether they can successfully secure a possession.

At Eviction Management Services if we believe it may not be successful we will inform you straight away and you can rest assured if thatís the case it wonít cost you a penny.

Finally if we think you have a good chance there are three stages of the eviction process.

Simply put they include:

One - Serving Notice
Two - Court/Possession Proceedings
Three - Eviction/Applying for Bailiffs

This is only a brief summary of the process thatís involved so if you would like further information please refer to our website or get in touch.

Evicting a Tennant 'Without an Agreement'
In places where property prices tend to be high such as London where a tenant is living in a property without any formal agreement there is a separate legal recourse to cover this particular issue.

Once again we have the expertise in all areas of eviction processes in London and the South East.

Also, being located close to the City makes us ideally placed to provide a highly efficient eviction management service in this region.

To find out more about the Eviction Management Services we provide in London and the South East please visit our website. Alternatively please get in touch, thank you.

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