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  • Professional tenant eviction services in Leicester
  • We can help landlords to avoid problems
  • Service tailored to meet your needs
  • Professional tenant eviction services in Leicester
  • We can help landlords to avoid problems
  • Service tailored to meet your needs
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Eviction Management Services Leicester

If you're a landlord experiencing problems with a tenant and you feel like the odds are stacking up against you, get in touch with Eviction Management Services because as landlords ourselves we know only too well how difficult it can be trying to evict a tenant that either wonít pay the rent or refuses to leave your property.

Tenant Eviction Leicester
Whether you're relatively new to renting out your property, or a landlord with a number of properties in Leicester or the surrounding areas we have a wide experience and in depth knowledge of landlord and tenant law as well as management of Local Authority Homeless and Housing Allocation Schemes in the Leister area.

In Leister alone in the renting sector there are only around 30,000 properties of all shapes and sizes so the demand is huge with social housing waiting lists heavily oversubscribed.

This theme can only increase in the foreseeable future so like many other areas of the country City Councils such as in Leister are looking towards selective licensing. This means that landlords will now be faced to cope with more regulations than ever.

Tenant Eviction Services Leicester
If you're a landlord in Leister and you need to recover possession of your property because the tenant is not paying their rent we can provide you with a service that can be tailored around your individual needs.

Why Choose Eviction Management Services
At Eviction Management Services we do not treat you like a number or just another possession case. It is our aim to take the stress out of your situation and save you time and money in the process.

We also make sure we can secure possession of your property before we accept any fees.

Alternatively if we believe we cannot successfully secure possession we will tell you and explain what you need to do, unlike many of our competitors who will ask for fees up front and then tell you itís not feasible.

Eviction Process
Basically there are three stages involved to secure possession of a property.

Stage One - Serving Notice
First of all the tenant is served with an 's.21' Notice to bring the tenancy to an end. If there has been a breach of tenancy however an 's.8' Notice must be served. In some case both are served together. Whichever notice is served will be accompanied by a strongly worded professional letter advising the tenant of the implications of non-compliance.

Stage Two - Possession Proceedings
Where the tenant has not complied it will be necessary to obtain a court order. Eviction Management Services will also write a letter to the tenant explaining that we are applying for possession.

Stage Three - Applying for the Bailiffs
Once the court order has expired we can apply for a warrant of possession whereby the tenant is physically evicted from the property.

This is only a brief summary of the process involved more of which in depth information may be found by visiting our website.

If you're experiencing problems with a tenant in Leicester or in the surrounding area and would like further information regarding our services please do not hesitate to get in touch with Eviction Management Services.

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