Eviction Management Services Liverpool

Rodney Chambers, 40 Rodney Street
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  • Eviction Management Services
  • Covering Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds & London
  • Tenant Eviction Specialists with a Difference
  • Eviction Management Services
  • Covering Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds & London
  • Tenant Eviction Specialists with a Difference
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Eviction Management Services Liverpool

Eviction Management Services Liverpool

Whatever your eviction needs we offer a reliable and professional tenant eviction service, one that can be tailored around your individual requirements.

Eviction Management Services has over 90 years combined experience of Landlord and Tenant Law placing us in an ideal position to provide a range of professional tenant eviction services including:

• Tenants Not Paying Rent
• Need to Sell your Property
• Recover Unpaid Rent
• Anti-Social Behaviour
• Squatters
• Illegal Sub-Letting
• Damage to your Property
• Crack Houses and Related Drug Activity

Our team of experienced tenant eviction specialists offer a service that is second to none.

Eviction Management Services in Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham & London

Whether you’re located in Liverpool, the Midlands or the South East Eviction Management Services will provide you with a professional and efficient tenant eviction service.

How It Works

First Stage
Notice to the tenant with a professional and strongly prepared letter which advises them of the implications of not paying rent or not leaving the property.

Second Stage
The second stage involves possession proceedings although most tenants will usually have left after the first stage. If not we will assist you in obtaining a possession order and money judgement order.

During this stage we will also attempt to secure an early surrender of your property by using our specialist negotiation skills.

Third Stage
If the tenant is still occupying your property after stage two we will help you apply for a warrant of possession whereby your tenants are physically removed.

24 Hours

When you use our services you will not only save time and money but because of our highly efficient business model we can begin work within 24 hours of receiving payment.

If you would like to find out more about Eviction Management Services or you would like a free no obligation appraisal please get in touch or visit our website, thank you.

Our Offices

11 St Paul’s Square
B3 1RB
Telephone: 0121 728 5599
E-mail: [email protected]
2 Infirmary Street
Telephone: 01135323260
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2 King Street
Telephone: 01156974056
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Rodney Chambers
40 Rodney Street
L1 9AA
Telephone: 01513056990
E-mail: [email protected]
Kemp House
152-160 City Road
Telephone: 0203 9126 299
E-mail: [email protected]
125 Queen Street
S1 2DU
Telephone: 01145539565
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Rutland House
23-25 Friar Lane
Telephone: 01164782854
E-mail: [email protected].co.uk
13th Floor
Piccadilly Plaza
M1 4BT
Telephone: 0161 537 2790
E-mail: [email protected]

Opening Hours

Monday -   09:00 to 17:00
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five stars

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five stars
Clare Mcgechie,

Charles is a lovely chap with a head full of vast knowledge , he’s always there to help. Can highly recommend Eviction Management Services.

five stars
Usha Chauhan,

A tenant had stopped paying the rent in our property and we had to evict her. A local estate agent recommended Eviction Management Services, so I contacted Charlie. I phoned and he asked the usual questions; name, copy of the contract, default amount, if the deposit had been lodged with the approved agency etc. Then he swung into action and sorted all the paperwork, appointed a solicitor to meet us at the court and a judgement was given in our favour. The tenant left and we got our property back. All along Charlie was professional, friendly and approachable. I strongly recommend his services.

five stars
Nike Akiti,

Well, where to begin, being in a very stressful situation, having to evict a tenant, despite not actually wanting to, Charles Anderson was extremely helpful. A very calm and professional gentleman. The circumstances under which i came to be his client was not even straightforward and another person may well have abandoned us, instead he stayed the course with us and helped us through the next bit and answered all of our questions. I am truly grateful for having had his services, I hate to think of the position we may be in now without him. I would most definitely recommend him.

five stars
Joanne Taylor,

Fabulous service from Charlie. He supported us throughout our first eviction process and arranged for a Solictor to attend the hearing. Charlie is extremely professional, knowledgable and always at the the end of the phone to answer queries and guide you through the process. We would definitely use his services again should we need to and have no hesitation to recommend him to others. Thanks again for everything.

five stars
Brian pilkington,

Eviction management services have been providing tenant eviction services to my property company for the past two years. In that time we have sold 157 properties due to a need to rationalise and restructure our portfolio and as a result Charles and his company have secured possession of 98 properties where the tenants could not be encouraged to leave by incentive (seems they all want a council house!!). I have been suitably impressed by the breadth of knowledge and expertise as well as the customer care that Charles and EMS have displayed when dealing with us, and am more than happy to recommend Eviction Management Services to anyone with a tenant eviction problem no matter how complicated. Keep up the good work Charles, we still have a significant number of properties to sell and will continue to need your help.

five stars
Quinton Powell,

Rare to find honesty and a genuine will to resolve problems without milking you for as much dosh in the process. Eviction Management Services helped me to evict my tenant using the quickest and most cost effective method when it is clear they could have got more money from me by using other methods. The tenant eviction process is not as straight forward as some might think ! The government websites give that very impression, and the courts themselves are of no help when you don’t know what your doing. I think Charles and the guys at EMS are unique in being prepared to help you understand the process in a very hands on way. Thanks for getting us through this really diff difficult time Charles !

five stars
Josephine Currier,

Had always used my local high street solicitors until I noticed I the s.8 notice they had served on my behalf was actually incorrect !. Eviction Management Services immediately put my mind at rest by being able to pragmatically point out all the issues with my case that my previous solicitor had either missed or got plain wrong. I am a solicitor myself so am used to interpreting case law and legal rules so was heartened when everything Charles told me made sence and was verifiable following my own research. You may ask why i didn't do my own possession proceedings, simple - my own area of expertise is Human Rights law and I needed an expert who wouldn't let me down and would get the job done properly in good time. Well I can honestly say that Eviction Management Services did just that, and as such I will use them for all my tenant eviction needs in the future. Thank You Charles for being the go-to person when I needed you, you have my full e

five stars
Gareth Hornby,

Hi Charles, thanks for all your help. I am relieved to have finally got my property back from problem tenants. Thanks to your superb knowledge i knew i was on to a winner from the outset. Hope i don't need you again (in the nicest possible way), but if i do you will be my first choice. All the best Gareth.

five stars
Carol Venn,

Cannot thank Eviction management services and in particular Charles for his tenacity in getting our tenant evicted. We needed to evict a tenant because we had to sell up, and having been there some years tried to argue he was and assured rather than assured shorthold tenant. Our fault really as we never increased the rent and he got too comfortable with such a low rent. The tenant was represented by Shelter and had a barrister , but our case was cast iron after Charles took control!. This could so easily have gone the other way had we not had Charles and his tenant eviction service on our side !

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