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  • Plastic & Metal Standard Machine Parts
  • Components for the mechanical engineering industry
  • Handwheels, handles, levelling feet
  • Plastic & Metal Standard Machine Parts
  • Components for the mechanical engineering industry
  • Handwheels, handles, levelling feet
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  • MACH


    Standard machine elements from Elesa on show at MACH Exhibition, 9th - 13th April 2018

    From: 09 April 2018 09:00 am
    To: 13 April 2018 16:00 pm

Elesa (UK) Ltd

Manufacturers of Metal and Plastic Machined Parts

Elesa is a supplier of a wide range of standard metal and plastic machine parts to the mechanical engineering industry.

A natural appreciation of quality design and ergonomic research; a business culture firmly focused on product quality; the recognition of its brands as guarantees of quality and reliability, the continuous attention to clients’ needs and a fast and careful service have made Elesa a reference point for designers and builders. More than 40,000 product codes, 180 patents and 38 international design awards produced with systems certified to ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 all supported by a worldwide branch and distribution network offering localised stock, customised solutions and technical support.

Operating Elements - Handwheels and Crank Handles

Spoked, solid or multi-arm. Comfortable control for a wide range of industrial type equipment from machine tools to library storage in moulded technopolymer, phenolic based Duroplast, aluminium, or special stainless steel, with fixed or folding handles. These types of mechanical components are normally used on machine tools or industrial machines where steering operations are necessary. A range of single arm crank handles are also available for situations where a wheel configuration is not required.

Clamping Knobs

Clamping knobs are used for applications in many industrial sectors. Fluted or lobe-shape knobs in different materials, technopolymer, phenolic-based Duroplast, aluminium or stainless steel. A variety of shapes and diameters are available, with plain, tapped bosses or with studs with standard threads to fit the application.

Clamping Levers

Adjustable levers perform repetitive clamping operations when the lever turning angle is limited. Clamping levers in glass reinforced polyamide, zinc die and stainless steel are complimented by a huge variety of adjustable clamping handles which include chrome finished and safety adjustable versions.

Lift & Pull Handles

A wide range of ELESA plastic, aluminium, steel, stainless steel industrial handles: bridge handles, pull handles, tubular and safety handles, as well as flush pulls with front, back or snap-in assembly to fit all requirements. Handles can be supplied in different colours and customised with customer logos.

Fixed and Revolving Handles

Fixed, revolving or fold-away handles and knobs in technopolymer, phenolic-based Duroplast, aluminium or stainless steel. These kind of handles are widely used on rods or levers to make it easier for the operator to grip. They are also used for assembly on handwheels and crank handles to comfortably manage the rotation.

Control Elements

Products in this range include knurled control knobs, flanges and scale rings, handwheels, grip knobs, indicator knobs and control levers designed to suit industrial and public area applications. These mechanical components are widely used on precision instruments or when it is necessary to perform precise control and alignments of machine parts.

Rotary Controls

Gravity position indicators and positive drive indicators with matching knobs and handwheels to set and regulate a variety of machine functions. Digital position “box” indicators and electronic counterparts are ideal for spindle position monitoring of equipment such as paper finishing or packaging machines.

Index and Positioning Elements

Plungers, spring plungers and quick release pins for industrial applications. Indexing plungers are available in black-oxide steel, stainless steel or SUPER-Technopolymer and they are widely used in cases of repetitive indexing of elements to be machined. Locking pins are ideal for quick positioning of components, in particular when they need to be continuously removed and repositioned.

Machine Elements

A range of modular roller tracks and ball transfer units for idle handling. The modular roller tracks are suitable to create sliding and containing benches for several applications in different fields. The ball transfer units are suitable for applications on high-load transport lines. Anti-vibration mounts are designed to damp vibration, shock or noise produced by moving bodies or non-balanced masses; magnets with shielding containment body; grub screws, thrust pads and washers in different steel and with different sizes and threads, together with lever handles to manage locking operations on equipment.

Vibration Damping Elements

Designed to damp vibrations, shocks and noises produced by moving bodies or vibrating masses which can cause malfunctioning and reduction of the machine lifespan, noise and damage to operator’s health.

Supplied in a number of different mounting configurations in steel and stainless steel and produced in natural rubber NR with hardness 55 shore A with options of 40 shore A and 70 shore A on request.


A range of high quality permanent magnets in sintered hard ferrite, Aluminium nickel cobalt (AINiCo), Samarium cobalt (SmCo) and Neodymium iron boron (NdFeB).

Neodymium magnets are ideal for location and temporary fixing of workpieces or panels or for sensor holding, e.g. on conveyors or other machinery. Applications include supermarket labelling, locating presentation materials, white boards, cabinet door closure or magnetic filtration, e.g. of metal particles in engine sumps or in machinery and equipment.

Levelling Elements and Supports

Levelling elements or adjustable levelling feet allow for the adjustment and correction of equipment levels. They often incorporate a significant amount of vibration damping and are available with bases in reinforced polyamide, steel, stainless steel with stems in steel or stainless steel. A selection of connectors from 2 to 6 way in technopolymer for the creation of structures using square profiles. A complete system of support elements and guides for production lines and connecting clamps in technopolymer, aluminium and stainless steel with different assembly and shapes are also available.

Hinges and Connections

More than 35 different hinges are available from Elesa: plastic hinges, metal hinges, aluminium, zinc-plated or stainless steel hinges with different assembly, rotation angles and load capacity to satisfy a wide range of needs. The new CFSQ. and CFSW. safety hinges with integrated switch represent a real safety device.


Different types of plastic or metal latches with knob or key for the closure of electrical panels or machines doors. Hook clamps and toggle clamps in zinc-plated or stainless steel for industrial applications.

Hydraulic Accessories

Plugs, oil breather caps, oil level gauges and sight level gauges fulfil vital security roles in hydraulic systems ensuring that fluid is monitored and maintained in proper working order even in rugged off road situations. The range of indicators is particularly wide with many different series with specific characteristics, also for applications in environments subject to explosion (ATEX line).

Castors & Wheels

A wide range of wheels, suitable for the manual (4 km/h) or mechanical (16 km/h) handling of trucks and equipment.

Available versions include wheels with fixed or turning plate bracket, with or without brakes, wheels and brackets for high loads, driving wheels and rollers for transpallets.

Castors and wheels from Elesa include: Injected polyurethane wheels, Technopolymer wheels, and Rubber wheels.

Connecting clamps

A wide range of connectors and connecting clamps for square and round tubes for the construction of modular structures. Available in aluminium or stainless steel natural finished or coated with epoxy resin, black colour.

Special Application Handles

Plastic handles, aluminium handles, steel or stainless steel handles whose characteristics in terms of quality, design and care of surface finish allow their application on instruments and equipment in environments with specific needs.


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Our News & PR

Events & Shows

  • MACH


    Standard machine elements from Elesa on show at MACH Exhibition, 9th - 13th April 2018

    From: 09 April 2018 09:00 am
    To: 13 April 2018 16:00 pm