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  • We can also carry out LEV COSHH testing
  • Dust extraction for Scotland and the rest of the UK
  • We can offer solutions for airborne dust
  • We can also carry out LEV COSHH testing
  • Dust extraction for Scotland and the rest of the UK
  • We can offer solutions for airborne dust
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A-Mac Environmental Ltd

Fume Extraction

Fume, Dust and Pollution Removal in the Workplace

a-mac Environmental is the UKs leading company in the field of fume, dust and pollution removal in the workplace. We are able to supply and install a wide range of extraction systems and can also carry out LEV COSHH testing, so whatever your requirements are in the workplace a-mac Environmental can help.

Dust Extraction Scotland
a-mac Environmental are able to provide dust extraction Scotland and the rest of the UK with a wide range of dust extraction system installations. We can offer solutions for airborne dust ranging from multi point fixed high vacuum to low pressure high volume mobile systems. Every type of dust carries its own hazardous problem. We are able to provide systems to capture and filter to provide your workforce with a safer and healthier working environment.

Applications include wood waste, cement, grinding dust, pharmaceutical and food particulate, carbon, shot blasting materials, flour, vehicle body shop particulates and fibreglass.

Fume Extraction Scotland
The most efficient method of removing harmful fumes from the workplace is to capture the harmful fumes at source by installing a system as near as possible to the hazard.

We not only provide fume extraction Scotland but the rest of the UK including a vast portfolio of systems to provide your company with a highly efficient and cost effective solution to suit every budget. So whatever fumes you may have in your workplace a-mac Environmental will have the solution to remove them. We also have the expertise and capability to carry out COSHH testing and provide certification for any existing systems. Typical applications include weld fumes, solder fumes, gas extraction, paint and solvent fumes.

As an employer it is your legal obligation to have your Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems tested regularly (every 14 months) to ensure compliance with strict HSE and COSHH regulations.

a-mac Environmental provide LEV COSHH testing Scotland using our highly experienced testing engineers, all of whom have completed the nationally recognised P601 course for testing and inspecting LEV systems. We are now also able to provide services for the offshore Oil and Gas industry including LEV COSHH testing, LEV design and installation and Air Monitoring.

We are also proud to have been the first company in the country to install Diluter systems which offer continuous control of polluted air and reduction of background concentration. These systems require no ducting and are also provide a quick installation.

Air filter systems
Air filter systems to make your indoor work life better. Maintaining dust free environments for workplaces, retail businesses, construction markets, wholesalers, distribution centres and warehouses. Removing polluted indoor air with all kinds of unpleasant and harmful dusts, gases, (fine) particles, viruses and bacteria. Professional kitchens accumulate grease, smoke and carbon particles from different types because of cooking processes. These particles can remain in the ducting becoming a potential fire hazard. Take a look at what can be installed as a solution.

We have a new dedicated website for Air Filter Systems, to view the products Click Here

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