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  • Dustair Ltd can offer COSHH surveys
  • We take the 'Dust' out of 'Industrial'
  • Design, manufacture & install of Dust & Fume Extraction Systems
  • Dustair Ltd can offer COSHH surveys
  • We take the 'Dust' out of 'Industrial'
  • Design, manufacture & install of Dust & Fume Extraction Systems
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Dustair Ltd

Welcome to Dustair specialists providers of solutions for Dust Extraction problems. We can provide a wide range of associated products including Filtration Units, Ducting, Fume Extraction Systems, Fans, Filters and much more.

If you wish to source the goods or manufacture them yourselves we offer a special design only service, the design only service is very cost effective especially for products outside the UK where large equipment would be expensive to ship.

Dust and Fume Extraction Systems
When it comes to dust and fume extraction systems, Dustair's expert team will assist you all the way through the project from the beginning stage of Initial Consultations through installation all the way to the completion and after service.

For dust extractions we provide all forms of filtration units, ducting, fabric filters, cartridge filters, wet dust scrubbers and arrestors.

For fume extraction we provide electrostatic precipitators, weld fume extraction systems and again ductwork, gas scrubbers and filters.

COSHH Surveys
Dustair offer COSHH surveys to plants located within the UK whether to do with fume extraction or dust extraction systems.

Products We Provide
Below are some of the products we offer, all of which can be custom manufactured to your specific requirements.

    - Cyclones
    - Ductwork
    - Envelope & Tubular Filters
    - Fume Scrubbers
    - Mill Fume Extractors
    - Reverse Jet Filters
    - Rotary Valves
    - Specialist Dampers
    - Weld Fume Extractors
    - Wet Dust Arrestors

Services We Provide
Our services are offered nationwide through the UK:

    - Bespoke Systems
    - COSHH Testing
    - Maintenance
    - Servicing
    - Site Surveys

For further information on dust extraction systems, fume extraction systems and the services we offer, please continue through to our website.

Products and Services

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