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  • Over 125 years experience of mechanical handling
  • Design, manufacturing and consultancy service
  • Our on site facilities include a full machine shop
  • Over 125 years experience of mechanical handling
  • Design, manufacturing and consultancy service
  • Our on site facilities include a full machine shop
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Conveyor and Elevator Company Limited

Established in 1889, The Conveyor & Elevator Company Limited has developed into a comprehensive engineering business offering design, manufacturing and consultancy services to the bulk materials handling industry. Offering bespoke solutions, we specialise in screw conveyor and bucket elevator design, providing innovative, well-engineered materials handling equipment to suit each of our individual customers requirements. From one-off designs through to fully integrated material handling systems, we provide a first-class service to all customers, setting the highest standards of equipment manufacture in all kinds of industries. Our product range includes:

Screw Conveyors
Bin Dischargers
Live Bin Bottoms
Bucket Conveyors
Screw Feeders
Auger Flighting
Mixing Screws
Silos, Bins and Hoppers
Hardfacing Specialists
Bulk Bag Dischargers
Screw Conveyor Parts and Repairs
Auger Repair
Bucket Elevator Parts
General Fabrication Services

Screw Conveyors

There are many types of conveyors on the market however, practical experience has proved time and time again that the screw conveyor or auger conveyor is a highly efficient, cost effective transporter of all types of powder bulk solids and liquids. Easily adaptable, our screw conveyors can be fully integrated into your existing materials handling application, or for new applications, we can design and build complete bulk handling systems to suit each of our customers specific needs. Our auger conveyors offer high-build quality, reliability and durability and are available in range of designs including:

Trough Screw Conveyors
Twin Screw Conveyors
Screw Feeders
Ribbon Flight Screw Conveyors
Paddle Screw Conveyors
Shaftless Screw Conveyors
Multi Screw Bin Dischargers
Tubular Screw Conveyors
Drop Bottom Screw Conveyors
Stainless Steel Screw Conveyors
Inclined Screw Conveyors
Vertical Screw Conveyors
Bucket Elevators

Conveyor and Elevator bucket elevators offer a simple, effective method of transporting a whole variety of bulk materials from one production process to another and can be configured to deliver your product exactly where it is needed. Reducing the need for labour and manual handling, our bucket elevators offer a reliable, cost effective materials handling solution, increasing productivity and efficiency. It is important to select the correct design of elevator, which is determined by the type of application and the material being handled. We offer belt and bucket or chain and bucket designs, and each elevator is manufactured to suit our customers exact requirements. From initial enquiry through to despatch, we work together with our customers to ensure the smooth running of their project from start to finish. Our designs include:

Centrifugal Discharge Elevators (suitable for free-flowing materials)
Continuous Discharge Elevators (typically suited to sluggish, poor-flowing materials)
Positive Discharge Elevators (for materials that require gentle handling)

Custom-made Solutions

We offer a complete design service, from initial concept through to manufacture and delivery of our tailor-made solutions working closely with our customers during each stage of the project. Our team of experienced mechanical engineers are available to conduct the initial survey, giving help and advice and ensuring a quick response to your enquiry with a detailed quotation for your unique bulk materials handling requirements. Through attention to detail and accuracy in design and construction, coupled with our vast knowledge and expertise in the manufacture of materials handling equipment means our customers receive the correct equipment with optimum efficiency no matter what the material.

Industries Served

During our 130 years of service, Conveyor and Elevator have gained extensive skills in the handling of a diverse range of bulk materials allowing us to offer the best advice and solutions in this ever-changing market. Our high-end equipment is used in all types of bulk materials handling applications, transporting a whole range of materials from fine, free flowing powders to harsh, abrasive products.

Whether you require heavy-duty equipment for moving concrete, aggregates and waste products or stainless steel equipment for transporting food and pharmaceutical materials, all our equipment is compliant to the required standards with full traceability and is suitable for use in the following industries.

Quarries and Aggregates
Building and Construction
Coal and Biomass Fuels
Food and Pharmaceutical
Waste Water Treatment
Coal/Biomass Fuels
Grain Handling and Storage
Pet Foods and Animal Feeds
Paper, Plastic and Glass Recycling
Chemical Processing
Environmental Technology
Augers and Auger Flighting

In addition to our diverse range of solids and bulk handling equipment, we manufacture augers and mixing screws along with individual auger flighting, or spiral blades. Our expertise in the design of auger screws and screw segments, coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to produce the most complicated and demanding designs to suit each of our customers specific requirements. Not only do we supply augers for our own machines, but we can produce augers, mixing screws and auger flighting for machines manufactured by other suppliers and can replicate almost any design including the following:

Ribbon Screws
Paddle Screws
Variable Pitch Augers
Tapered Screws
Grain Augers
Interchangeable Screws
Mixing Screws
Stainless Steel Augers
Shaftless Screw Augers
Discharge Screws
Specialist Hardfacing Services

For applications that require the transportation of harsh, abrasive products, heavy duty equipment is required. Conveyor and Elevator have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of such equipment and offer specialist hardfacing, a metalworking process where a much tougher layer (or layers) of material is welded to a base metal. Hardfacing can be applied to components during production or it can be used to restore worn-down components, increasing wear resistance and prolonging life expectancy.

Aftersales Spares and Repairs Service

When your equipment starts to underperform, it becomes less efficient, causing a decrease in production and many customers face the anguish of unexpected costs and prolonged periods of down-time. All too often, customers purchase new machines unnecessarily, when their existing machine may still have a good deal of life left in it, this needless outlay however, could be avoided.

Conveyor and Elevators continuous commitment to high standards of build quality, reliability and service is complimented by our team of design engineers who are experts in upgrading and refurbishing existing bulk materials handling systems. We offer a complete aftersales repairs service, helping many customers avoid these extra costs. We offer fast turnaround times, ensuring down-time is kept to a minimum, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your production line will return to fill operation as soon as possible.

Alternatively, we can supply a comprehensive range of custom-made screw conveyor and bucket elevator parts and components to aid your own maintenance requirements, reducing down-time and saving these unnecessary costs. Did you know? Not only do we supply spare parts for our own machines, but we manufacture custom-made components for machines supplied by other manufacturers and can reproduce almost any design. Our comprehensive range of screw conveyor and bucket elevator parts includes:

Hanger Bearings
End Bearings
Shaft Seals
Drive and Tail Shafts
Spare Gears
Geared Motor Units
Conveyor Troughs
Elevator Buckets
Conveyor and Elevator Chain
Spiral Blades
Motor Platforms
Materials and Finishes
Our bulk handling systems, equipment and components are available in a range of different material grades including:

Stainless Steels 303, 304, 310, 316, Duplex
Low Carbon and High Carbon Steels
Wear Resistant Steels 400

We also offer a variety of finishes to include:

Plastic Dipping and Spraying
Metal Galvanising
Shot/Bead/Grit Blasting
Specialist Hardfacing
Stainless Polishing
Epoxy Coating to Specialist Paints and Finishes
Fabrication Services / Machine Services

In addition to the manufacture and supply of bespoke materials handling equipment, Conveyor and Elevator offer steel fabrication and machining services to support all kinds of industries. Our manufacturing capabilities include:


For further information regarding our products and services, please contact our experienced engineering team.

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