Colmac Plastics Fabricators

Colmac Plastics Fabricators

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  • Acrylic line bending and acrylic covers
  • Specialists in acrylic fabrication
  • Display stands, cases, signage and frames
  • Bespoke Products
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    Colmac Plastics Fabricators

    Specialists In Acrylic Line Bending & Acrylic Covers

    As a leading supplier of plastics Colmac Plastics is able to provide a complete acrylic fabrication service manufacturing products such as signage, frames, stands and cases to name but a few.

    Colmac Plastics is a family based business with a combined experience of over 65 years. By combining this experience with skilled workmanship and leading edge technologies we are able to provide our customers with a superior manufacturing service for all of their plastic fabrication needs.

    Cough and Sneeze Guards

    Our cough and sneeze guards / screens help protect your staff and customers at a time when this is essential to health.

    They are perfect for working environments like:

      - Hospitals
      - Doctors surgeries
      - Chemist counters and pharmacies
      - Supermarkets
      - Nurse stations
      - Reception areas
      - Cafes
      - Takeaways and more

    They are hygienic and very easy to keep clean. Contact a member of our team to find out more about our excellent cough and sneeze guards.

    Help keep your staff and customers safe!


    From retail businesses and art galleries to the British Museum and many more Colmac Plastics offers its services to a wide range of clients producing quality plastic products in materials ranging from foamex and mirror to clear and coloured acrylic, so whatever your budget or requirements we can offer you one of the most comprehensive plastic fabrication services to suit your exact needs.


    We offer a range of quality plastic manufacturing services including but not limited to:

    ...• Acrylic Line Bending
    ...• Cutting & Bonding
    ...• Laser Engraving & Cutting
    ...• Acrylic Covers
    ...• Acrylic Picture Frames
    ...• Numbering Blocks & Prisms
    ...• Hand Buffing
    ...• Prototyping


    With over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic fabricated products Colmac is able to utilise a wide range of up to date equipment producing bespoke acrylic products.

    At Colmac we understand the exact needs of our customers. We fabricate our products accurately and to a very high quality so you can rely on us for all of your plastic fabricated needs. Whether you're looking for something large or small we produce and test each item rigorously to meet our exacting standards.

    Acrylic Frames - made to order

    We will produce your acrylic frames to suit your exact specifications with a made to measure service that will reflect the high standard of workmanship you would expect from a leading plastic fabrication manufacturer

    Acrylic Covers

    As specialists in the design and manufacture of acrylic covers we have built up a number of valuable relationships working with art galleries and museums across the London area.

    All of our acrylic covers are made to the very highest specification to look as professional as possible.

    This is achieved by using a number of additional services such as diamond polishing and buffing leaving a totally flawless smooth finish.

    High Quality Acrylic Displays

    When it comes to point of sale, high quality acrylic displays can make all the difference by grabbing the attention of your potential customers.

    Colmac Plastics offers a complete design and manufacture service for top quality acrylic point of sale displays either on a made to measure basis or by just working from your sketches.

    We also offer our services at a competitive rate and with low lead times so whatever your point of sale acrylic display requirements are we will meet all of your needs on time and within budget.

    This is just a tiny sample of the wide range of high quality acrylic fabrication services and products Colmac Plastics has to offer so to find out more why not visit our website where you'll find more detailed information.

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    24. Acrylic Podium
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    26. Acrylic Shed Windows
    27. Acrylic Shower Panels
    28. Acrylic Sign
    29. Acrylic Signs
    30. Acrylic Splashbacks
    31. Art Gallery Displays
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    80. Made To Measure Acrylic Frames
    81. Made To Measure Splashbacks
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    83. Mini Acrylic Photo Frame
    84. Mountain Pins
    85. Museum Acrylic Covers
    86. Museum Acrylic Frames
    87. Museum Covers
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    90. Museum Plastic Frames
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