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    Cobalt Systems Ltd

    Intelligent, Integrated and Innovative

    NPSFor all barcode labelling solutions, Cobalt offers one of the most innovative and intelligent ranges of Print an
    d Apply labelling solutions in the UK.

    Since 1997 Cobalt Systems has gone from strength to strength achieved only by meeting each and every one of our client's specific requirements not just in delivering Barcoding automation, but innovating day in, day out to solve any problems a customer may have. This is why we have a Net Promoter Score of 90.

    Print and Apply Labelling Automation

    Why Cobalt Systems? The answer is simple, we listen then create machines and applicators that solve our clients' Print and Apply labelling challenges, maximising their uptime along the way.

    The Cobalt Nexus 20 is our most advanced range of Print & Apply applicators yet. Capable of applying labels to 80 packs per minute without speed synchronisation, compressed air or special conveying equipment, the Nexus 20 range is in a league of its own.

    Industrial Barcode Label Printers and Applicators

    Cobalt Systems are specialists in Labelling and Barcoding, we work closely with industry leading suppliers and partners to provide future proof solutions to Barcoding problems.

    Our range of industrial barcode label printers are manufactured to withstand the most demanding environments whilst delivering superior speed and print quality. Cobalt also have a range of industrial barcode applicators to compliment the barcode label printers.

    Pack, Case and Pallet Label Machines

    Our latest family of modular label machines offer unrivalled versatility, connectivity and ease of use with no compromise to our core values: Performance, Reliability, Robust Engineering and Longevity.

    There are many benefits to the Nexus 20, but heading the line-up includes low maintenance, less waste, no need to turn shrink wrapped packs for labelling, fast positioning of applicator, resilience and low cost of ownership.

    If that's not enough, to further compliment the above Cobalt Systems offers a range of cost-effective, fixed price service packs to ensure that you are always covered if something goes wrong.

    Bespoke Solutions

    Of course, it's not just packs, cases and pallets that we are able to apply labels to. We label anything from mobile phones and medical vials, all the way through to bags of animal feed, flowers and cheese rounds. See our website for out latest case studies where you can see some of our more peculiar applications.


    Cobalt offers a range of future proof, fast and effective software which has been created to provide scalable solutions and transform your labelling applications.

    Our software ranges from low cost standalone through to full enterprise and specialist systems.


    Cobalt Sentinel; Award winning technology from Cobalt to eradicate EPW (Emergency Product Withdrawals). Cobalt Sentinel scans, checks and verifies that the correct label has been applied and that the quality of the print is to standard. If you want to reduce the risk of downtime and the costs incurred, get in touch today.

    This is only a small sample of the innovative range of pack case and pallet labelling solutions available from Cobalt Systems.

    If you would like further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Cobalt Systems - What we do


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