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Cambridge Circuit Co Ltd

4 Winship Road, Milton
Cambridge Cambridgeshire
CB24 6BQ

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    Cambridge Circuit Co Ltd

    UK Based Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers

    Cambridge Circuit Company has over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards and offers one of the most reliable services to some of the leading technology organisations in the industry.

    We now offer a fast, flexible and highly responsive PCB board manufacturing service to our customers’ demands with off shore facilities catering for high volumes.

    We are able to utilise front end CAM facilities and photo plotting to check your design data enabling us to make you aware of any potential problems prior to the manufacture of your prototype and volume production runs.

    Cambridge Circuit Company provides its services to a wide client base, from small operators through to the likes of Tyco, Toshiba, Philips, Domino and more.

    With over 300 years of staff accumulated knowledge in the PCB industry and Approval to ISO 9001 we are here on hand to help you in any way we can with your requirements so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

    PCB Services

    Cambridge Circuit Company is able to provide a wide range of products and services from our base in Cambridge.

    We are proud of ourselves for our commitment and high level of service we are able to provide and that’s why many of our customers return to us time and time again for their PCB solutions.

    ...• Fast Delivery from 8 Hours to 5 days standard delivery
    ...• All processing takes place in house
    ...• Cost effective, volume production via our offshore partner
    ...• Wide range of specialised finishes and products
    ...• ISO 9001 certified management system
    ...• UL Approved

    In addition to the high level of service we are able to provide Cambridge Circuit Company’s team of highly knowledgeable staff have all been working at the company for many years and have formed many long term partnerships with our clients.

    We are always happy to offer advice and discuss your projects especially those with specific material needs, finishes and the various processes we undertake.

    Cost Effective Off Shore Production

    We are able to offer very competitive prices on our large volume products through our strategic partner in China. Based in Cambridge we are able to manage and control a seamless transition from prototypes, through to NPI and on to mass production.

    We also utilise a range of CAM processes to thoroughly check every aspect of your design and if by any chance any technical queries arise we will contact you prior to data transfer and production commencing so why not get in touch to find out more.

    PCB Manufacture

    With an ongoing program of investment Cambridge Circuit Company is able to invest on a regular basis in the very latest manufacturing machinery and equipment.

    We believe that this continual investment is essential when manufacturing advanced PCBs in a cost effective manner to give our customers a competitive and reliable experience.

    Quality is built in to all products we manufacture because our belief is in putting out clients first every time.

    For more detailed information about our products and services please visit our website or give us a call.

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    Opening Hours

    Monday 08:30 to 17:00
    Tuesday 08:30 to 17:00
    Wednesday 08:30 to 17:00
    Thursday 08:30 to 17:00
    Friday 08:30 to 17:00
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed
    Key Personnel
    Mark  Sanford
    Mark Sanford Managing Director
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    Products and Services

    1. 1002 & 0201 PCB Assembly Service
    2. Advanced PCB Design
    3. Altium PCB Design
    4. Aluminium Backed PCB
    5. Aluminium PCB
    6. Apc Backups
    7. Apc Battery Back Up
    8. Apc Battery Backups
    9. Axial PCB Assembly
    10. BGA Pcb Assembly
    11. Blind & Buried VIA PCBs
    12. Conformal Coating PCBs
    13. Contract PCB Assembly
    14. Controlled Impedance PCB Design
    15. Controlled Impedance PCB Manufacture
    16. Conventional PCB Assembly
    17. Custom PCB
    18. DDR2 PCB Design
    19. DIP PCB Assembly
    20. Double Sided PCB
    21. Dual Lane PCB Conveyor
    22. Dual Track PCB Conveyor
    23. Electronic PCB Subcontractors
    24. Environmental Protection PCB
    25. Flex Rigid PCB
    26. Flex Rigid PCBFast Turnaround PCB
    27. Flexible PCB
    28. Flexible PCB Press Tools
    29. High Complexity Pcb Assembly
    30. High Complexity Pcb Assembly S Wales
    31. High Temperature PCB
    32. High TG/TD PCBs
    33. IMS PCB Manufacture
    34. Lead Free PCB Assembly
    35. Leaded PCB Assembly
    36. Lighting Pcb Assembly
    37. Manufacture PCB
    38. Metal Backed PCB
    39. Metal Backed PCBs
    40. Micro-Controller PCB Assemblies
    41. Multi Layer PCB
    42. Multi-Layer PCBs
    43. Multilayer PCB
    44. Multilayer PCB Design
    45. OFN PCB Assembly
    46. Oversize PCB Assembly
    47. Oversize PCB Manufacture
    48. Pads PCB Design
    49. PC Backup
    50. PC Barcode Software
    51. PC Based Access Control
    52. Pc Board Power Supplies
    53. PC Build
    54. PC Business Software
    55. PCB
    56. PCB Accessories
    57. Pcb Antistatic Bags
    58. PCB Assemblies
    59. PCB Assemblly Cambridge
    60. PCB Assembly
    61. PCB Assembly Equipment
    62. PCB Assembly Manufacturer
    63. PCB Assembly Manufacturers
    64. PCB Assembly Midlands
    65. PCB Assembly Service
    66. PCB Assembly Services
    67. PCB Assembly South Wales
    68. PCB Assembly Surface Mount
    69. PCB Assembly Systems
    70. PCB Assembly Tooling
    71. PCB Assembly Wales
    72. PCB Assemby
    73. PCB Backed Membranes
    74. PCB Barcode
    75. PCB Buffer
    76. PCB Cases
    77. PCB Cassette
    78. PCB Circuit
    79. PCB Circuit Board
    80. PCB Cleaners
    81. PCB Cleaning Agents
    82. PCB Cleaning Conveyor
    83. PCB Clip-In
    84. PCB Compnents
    85. PCB Component Kitting
    86. PCB Components
    87. PCB Connectors
    88. PCB Construction
    89. PCB Conveyor
    90. PCB Conveyors
    91. PCB Depanelling Machines
    92. PCB Design
    93. PCB Design & Assembly
    94. PCB Design Consultants
    95. PCB Design Microcontrollers
    96. PCB Design Service
    97. PCB Design Services
    98. PCB Design Software
    99. PCB Designer
    100. PCB Designers
    101. PCB Designs
    102. PCB Development
    103. PCB Disposal
    104. PCB Edge Connectors
    105. PCB Embedded Components
    106. PCB Encapsulation
    107. Pcb Enclosures
    108. PCB Equipment
    109. PCB Fabrication
    110. PCB Fasteners
    111. PCB Hand Assembly
    112. PCB Handling
    113. PCB Handling Equipment
    114. Pcb Holders
    115. PCB Inspection
    116. PCB Interconnect
    117. PCB Kitting
    118. PCB Labelling
    119. Pcb Labels
    120. PCB Laser Marking
    121. PCB Layout
    122. PCB Layout Services
    123. PCB Layout Software
    124. PCB Loader
    125. PCB Magazine
    126. PCB Manufacture
    127. PCB Manufacture Solutions
    128. PCB Manufacturer
    129. PCB Manufacturers
    130. PCB Manufacturing
    131. PCB Marking
    132. PCB Membrane
    133. PCB Microcontrollers
    134. PCB Modification
    135. PCB Mount RF Connectors
    136. PCB Mount Switches
    137. Pcb Mounting
    138. PCB Mounting Fuses
    139. PCB Mounting Switchmode Power Supplies
    140. PCB Mounting Transformers
    141. Pcb Pillars
    142. PCB Population
    143. PCB Potting
    144. PCB Printed Circuit Board
    145. PCB Production
    146. PCB Prototypes
    147. PCB Prototyping
    148. PCB Recycling
    149. PCB Redesign
    150. PCB Repair
    151. PCB Repairs
    152. PCB Screw Terminals
    153. PCB Sdestacker
    154. PCB Software
    155. PCB Soldering
    156. Pcb Spacers
    157. PCB Stacker
    158. PCB Standoff
    159. Pcb Standoffs
    160. PCB Supplier
    161. PCB Suppliers
    162. PCB Supply
    163. PCB Supports
    164. PCB Surface Mount Assemblies
    165. PCB Surface Mounted
    166. PCB Switch
    167. PCB Switches
    168. PCB Terminals
    169. PCB Testing
    170. PCB Traceability
    171. PCB Tracking
    172. PCB Transformers
    173. PCB UK
    174. PCB Unloader
    175. Pcb’S
    176. PCBs
    177. Power PC Boards
    178. Power Supplies PCB Mounted
    179. Printed Circuit Board
    180. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Solenoids
    181. Printed Circuit Board Assembly
    182. Printed Circuit Board Design
    183. Printed Circuit Board Layout
    184. Printed Circuit Board Manufacture
    185. Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers
    186. Printed Circuit Board Manufactures
    187. Printed Circuit Board PCB
    188. Printed Circuit Board PCB Assembly
    189. Printed Circuit Board PCB Design
    190. Printed Circuit Board PCB Manufacturer
    191. Printed Circuit Board Prototype
    192. Printed Circuit Board Repairs
    193. Printed Circuit Board Simulation
    194. Printed Circuit Boards
    195. Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
    196. Printed Circuit Bourd Manufacture
    197. Printed Circuitboard Assembly
    198. Prototype PCB
    199. Prototype PCB Assembly
    200. Prototype PCBs
    201. QFN Pcb Assembly
    202. Quick Turn PCB
    203. Radial PCB Insertion
    204. RF PCBs
    205. Single Sided PCB
    206. Single Sided PCB Design
    207. SMT And Through Hole PCB Assembly
    208. SMT PCB Assembly
    209. Sub Contract PCB Assembly
    210. Surface Mount PCB Manufacturing
    211. Surface Mount PCB Prototyping
    212. Through Hole Pcb
    213. Titanium PCB Carriers
    214. UI Approved PCBs
    215. UPC Barcodes


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