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BAR - British Associaton of Removers

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Welcome to BAR - British Association of Removers


Welcome to The British Association of Removers.

Welcome to Association of Removers we have been promoting excellence within the Removals Industry for over a century.

Our members list consists of over 500 ok the UK's leading storage and removal companies, each member must adhere to our Code of Practice which has been OFT-approved. This ensures that if you choose a BAR member to look after your removals or storage requirements, the process will be efficient and cost effective.  You can be assured that your choice of supplier is a trusted and professional company.

The British Association of Removers continually remains at the forefront of maintaining and developing professional standards and services for the benefits of our members and our members customers.


If you are interested in becoming a member of The British Association of Removers, please contact our membership team, we will be happy to assist you in any way possible and confirm your eligibility.

For general enquiries please feel free to email us.

Benefits of BAR membership include:

  • Being part of the industry association that sets the professional standards for the removals sector
  • Expert industry training
  • Access to provision of professional advice and information
  • A dispute resolution service for residential customers and much more...

To view our members list visit our website now

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