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    Autowash Engineering Ltd

    Commercial Vehicle Washing Systems and Machines

    Autowash Engineering has been manufacturing and supplying vehicle washing systems for 40 years.

    Now a leading provider of vehicle washing machines and commercial truck washing equipment, Autowash Engineering supplies many leading logistics companies, local authorities and major retailers with fleet cleaning systems.

    We can adapt any of our systems to suit customers individual requirements.

    Three Truck Rollover Machines

    The Three Brush Wash Machine from Autowash Engineering is the perfect choice where the cleaning of conventional road going commercial vehicles is required.

    They have been specifically designed to wash vehicles quickly and effectively from medium sized vans to large articulated units and double deck trailers.

    Features include a 3 brush operation front, rear, sides and roof with automatic vehicle height and length detection and a fast and effective single wash cycle to suit rigid trucks, articulated trucks, large vans and buses.

    Fixed Arch Machines

    The Fixed Arch Machine from Autowash Engineering is a drive through unit that has been designed for all irregularly shaped vehicles. It is the perfect system for a mixed fleet

    The system consists of two spray arches, the first of which supplies a metered cleaning agent while the second spray arch rinses all loosened soiled water.

    This system offers a range of benefits including high reliability, economy, simple automatic operation and an optional hand pressure washer for spot cleaning.

    Jet/Pressure Wash

    We also supply a range of Pressure Washing equipment including a small industrial cold water mobile machines and high specification static site steam cleaning cabinet.

    Water Recycling

    When the need arises for water recycling applications Autowash Engineering recommends Kirton, a company specialising in water treatment, water reclamation and purification.

    Kirtons unparalleled experience and expertise in this field has enabled them to develop and produce a range of water reclamation equipment specifically designed for automatic vehicle washing operations.

    We are able to provide a cost effective solution to almost any water recycling problem however large or small, so whether it�s a commercial application, food processing or hospital environment Autowash Engineering can supply you with a bespoke solution to fit your needs.

    Chemicals Cleaning Products

    A wide range of chemical cleaning products is also available from Autowash Engineering.

    We can supply you with cleaning agents for traffic film, oils and other soiling for every type of vehicle whether it�s by brush, brushless wash or high pressure jet washer.

    All of our cleaning products offer cost effective and consistent quality with free rinsing properties. They are also biodegradable and suitable for all conditions of water including and recycling systems.


    To further compliment these systems Autowash Engineering also provide a complete maintenance repair breakdown service of all types of vehicle washing equipment including automatic brush wash machines, arch wash systems, water recycling units and pressure washers. We can offer comprehensive maintenance contracts or one-off emergency repairs. Our engineers have unparalleled experience, we pride ourselves on rapid response to breakdowns and we are very competitively priced.

    We can undertake all necessary groundwork and drainage installation as part of a total system installation or a stand-alone project if required.

    To find out more about Autowash Engineering please contact us, or alternatively you can visit our website.

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