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    Total Coating Systems Ltd

    Specialists In Spray Painting Systems and Products

    Since 2003 Total Coating Systems has been providing customers with a range of high quality products and services for all aspects of the coatings, painting and finishing industry.

    With a long established network of suppliers and industry contacts Total Coating Systems is able to provide its customers with a range of products that offer high quality, reliability and cost effective performance.

    This is further backed by a team of highly experienced personnel who between them have many years in industry and are well placed to recommend the best spraying solutions for the production process. Ready to offer unbiased advice and a friendly after sales service making us a one stop shop in all aspects of coating systems.

    Paint Spraying Systems

    Total Coating Systems specialise in all kinds of spray equipment for a wide range of industries.

    Our team have a wide experience in all aspects of the industry and totally understand the production processes involved and can provide clients with advice on which systems and combination of products will provide the best performance when incorporated into their own particular production system.

    - Agitators
    Air Assisted Airless System
    Air Driven Airless
    - Airless
    - Controls
     -Conventional Spray Systems
    - Conveyors

    - Electric/Pneumatic
    - Electrostatic Systems
    - Extraction
    - Hoses
    - Hot Spray
    - HVLP Systems
    - Metering & Dosing

    - Ovens
    - Paint Heaters
    - Paint Pumps
    - Plural Component
    - Pump Lifts
    - Spray Guns

    Conventional Spray Systems

    Conventional Spray Systems operate at high pressure with the finish being blasted onto a workpiece.

    Despite the excellent result achieved these systems are only about 30% effective because the other 70% of the finish actually ends up in the atmosphere.

    There are various makes and models available on the market today and Total Coating Systems is here to offer advice on which products are best suited for your finishing projects.

    Electrostatic Systems

    Basically there are three main types of electrostatic paint spraying systems which are high pressure, low pressure and water based.

    The main components used in this type of system include an electrostatic gun, a hose and lead set and an electrostatic control box.

    When choosing the right type of equipment it is important to get the combination just right.

    Total coating Systems can provide you with advice on your choice of equipment and application so why not get in touch to find out more.

    HVLP Systems

    HVLP systems offer many advantages over other forms of paint spraying systems some of which include:

    - 85% transfer efficiency
    - Faster curing/drying times
    - No compressor required resulting in no oil contamination
    - Constant air supply
    - Transportable turbine
    - Improved finish
    - Less overspray, hence less paint usage

    This is only a small sample of the wide range of benefits HVLP systems have to offer so to find out more why not get in touch.


    We also offer a range of paint spraying booths, filtration, consumable products, personal protection equipment, air assisted airless spraying systems and associated products such as isolation valves etc.

    - Agitators
    - Air Assisted Airless System
    - Air Driven Airless
    - Airless
    - Controls
    - Conventional Spray Systems
    - Conveyors

    - Electric/Pneumatic
    - Electrostatic Systems
    - Extraction
    - Hoses
    - Hot Spray
    - HVLP Systems
    - Metering & Dosing

    - Ovens
    - Paint Heaters
    - Paint Pumps
    - Plural Component
    - Pump Lifts
    - Spray Guns


    Total Coating Systems offers one of the most comprehensive support services either from our own modern facility based in Loughborough, Leicestershire or `on site` where we can repair, service and test and commission before delivery to our customers.

    Centrally located in the heart of the UK Total Coating Systems is ideally placed to cover the majority of our region within hours of receiving an urgent call through our 24 hour help line.

    Our back-up facilities include:

    - Breakdown cover
    - Planned maintenance
    - Staged project management
    - Expansion facilities
    - Turnkey installations

    All of our experienced engineers have been chosen for their proven track record and have been trained on most makes of paint application and finishing equipment including process drying and product conveying plant.

    This is just a brief description of the wide range of products and services available from Total Coating Systems so to find our more please visit our website.

    Aluminium Extrusion Vertical Powder Coating System

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