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    'Strain Gauge Bonding of Foil and Semiconductor Gauges'

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    Acam Instrumentation Ltd

    Acam Instrumentation Ltd was incorporated as a limited company in 1981. We have a full strain gauge bonding service for both semiconductor and foil strain gauges. In addition we can design your unique sensor to your requirements. We can use your own in house or we can design your product to your requirements and we will always produce the best possible solution around your requirements.

    We produce products which are to the highest standards and to customer specific requirements

    Semiconductor Gauge Installation Service
    Semiconductor strain gauging is used were high strength or small size is a requirement. There is a upper temperature limit of 175 deg C. We produce high quality and performance instrumentation using suitable material and 100% testing of our product. We can take your design or suggest alternative designs for your products to increase accuracy, reliability at the best cost/performance ratios possible.

    Strain Gauge Bonding Installation Service
    We were incorporated in 1981 with the object of strain gauge bonding, sensor and transducer manufacturing. We can design your product around your unique requirements or take an existing product refined or redesigned to your existing specification. We produce the highest quality possible with regard to the customer specification and if a target price is the main requirement we will design to the best possible price/performance ratio. We have experience in all industries retail to M.O.D applications.

    Load Cells
    We provide a range of load cells using ceramic, semiconductor and foil technology. Our range of load cells are all available with customer defined electrical connections and mechanical interface. Double Bending, Shear, Cantilever and Bobbin Beam Load Cells are all part of our range, with temperature ranges of up to 200 degC.

    Strain Gauge Transducers
    Our strain gauge transducers are backed with a polyimide material producing a gauge that is almost as easy to use as the foil range allowing them to easily be used by experienced foil gauging technicians. Different configurations are available to match customers specific needs.

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    1. Accelerometers
    2. Analog Load Cells
    3. Analogue Load Cells
    4. ATEX Load Cells
    5. Beam Load Cell
    6. Beam Load Cells
    7. Bending Load Cells
    8. Bespoke Load Cells
    9. Calibration Load Cell Instrumentation
    10. Calibration Load Cell Service
    11. Calibration Load Cells
    12. Canister Load Cells
    13. Ceramic Gauges
    14. Ceramic Gauging
    15. Ceramic Load Sensor
    16. Ceramic Medical Sensors
    17. Ceramic Military Sensors
    18. Ceramic Pressure Sensor
    19. Ceramic Sensors
    20. Ceramic Strain Gauges
    21. Ceramic Strain Gauging
    22. Ceramic Strain Service
    23. Ceramic Transducers
    24. Circular Pressure Diaphragm Strain Gauges
    25. Compression Load Buttons
    26. Compression Load Cells
    27. Compression S-Beams
    28. Compressive Load Cells
    29. Concrete Embedment Strain Gauges.
    30. Crane Load Cells
    31. Custom Design Load Cells
    32. Custom Gauges
    33. Custom Semiconductors
    34. Custom Sensors
    35. Digital Load Cells
    36. Digital Meters
    37. Double Ended Shear Beam Load Cells
    38. Double Shear Beam Load Cells
    39. Dynamic Force Sensors
    40. Dynamic Pressure Sensors
    41. Electronic Sensors
    42. Electronic Transducers
    43. Experimental Stress Analysis Strain Gauges
    44. Flush Miniature Pressure Sensors
    45. Foil Gauges
    46. Foil Gauging
    47. Foil Load Cells
    48. Foil Medical Sensors
    49. Foil Military Sensors
    50. Foil Pressure Transducer
    51. Foil Strain Gauge
    52. Foil Strain Gauging
    53. Foil Torque Cells
    54. Foil Transducers
    55. Force Measurement
    56. Force Sensors
    57. Gauge Design
    58. Gauges
    59. Gauging
    60. Heavy Duty Load Cells
    61. High Capacity Load Cells
    62. High Resistance Strain Gauges
    63. High Temperature Strain Gauges
    64. Hybrid Strain Gauges
    65. Industrial Ceramic Gauges
    66. Industrial Foil Gauges
    67. Industrial Gauges
    68. Industrial Gauging
    69. Industrial Semiconductor Gauges
    70. Industrial Sensors
    71. Industrial Strain Gauges
    72. Industrial Strain Gauging
    73. Industrial Transducers
    74. Industrial Vibration Sensors
    75. Integrated Circuit Semiconductors
    76. Linear Pressure Diaphragm Strain Gauges
    77. Link Load Cells
    78. Load Cell
    79. Load Cell Amplifier
    80. Load Cell Amplifiers
    81. Load Cell Calibration
    82. Load Cell Design
    83. Load Cell Display
    84. Load Cell Gauges
    85. Load Cell Hire
    86. Load Cell Hire Service
    87. Load Cell Indicator
    88. Load Cell Indicators
    89. Load Cell Indicators Load Cell Amplifiers
    90. Load Cell Manufacture
    91. Load Cell Manufacturer
    92. Load Cell Repair Service
    93. Load Cell Repairs
    94. Load Cell Sensors
    95. Load Cell Surge Protection
    96. Load Cell Systems
    97. Load Cell Transducer
    98. Load Cells
    99. Load Cells Construction
    100. Load Cells Lifting
    101. Load Cells Marine
    102. Load Cells Strain Gauge
    103. Load Gauges
    104. Load Gauging
    105. Load Sensors
    106. Load Strain Gauges
    107. Load Strain Gauging
    108. Load-Cell Amplifiers
    109. Loadcells
    110. Low Profile Compression Cells
    111. Low Profile Load Cells
    112. Low Range S-Beams
    113. Magnetic Field Strain Gauges
    114. Marine Load Cells
    115. Measurement Load Cells
    116. Medical Ceramic Gauges
    117. Medical Foil Gauges
    118. Medical Gauges
    119. Medical Semiconductor Gauges
    120. Medical Sensors
    121. Medical Strain Gauging
    122. Medical Transducers
    123. Military Ceramic Gauges
    124. Military Foil Gauges
    125. Military Gauges
    126. Military Load Cells
    127. Military Load Sensors
    128. Military Pressure Sensors
    129. Military Semiconductor Gauges
    130. Military Sensors
    131. Military Strain Gauges
    132. Military Strain Gauging
    133. Military Strain Measurement
    134. Military Temperature Sensors
    135. Military Transducers
    136. Multi Axis Load Cells
    137. Obsolete Sensors
    138. Offshore Load Cells
    139. Pressure Gauges
    140. Pressure Sensors
    141. Pressure Switches
    142. Pressure Transducers
    143. Residual Stress Strain Gauges
    144. Rosette Strain Gauges
    145. S Type Load Cells
    146. S-Beam Load Cells
    147. Sealed High Temperature Strain Gauges
    148. Semi Conductors
    149. Semiconductor Gauges
    150. Semiconductor Load Cells
    151. Semiconductor Medical Sensors
    152. Semiconductor Military Sensors
    153. Semiconductor Pressure Transducer
    154. Semiconductor Strain Gauging
    155. Semiconductor Torque Cells
    156. Semiconductor Transducers
    157. Semiconductors
    158. Semiconductors Miscellaneous
    159. Sensor Design
    160. Sensors
    161. Sensors Strain Gauge
    162. Shackle Load Cells
    163. Shackle Loadcells
    164. Sheam Beam Load Cells
    165. Shear Beam Load Cells
    166. Shear Strain Gauge Patterns
    167. Single Element Linear Strain Gauges
    168. Single Point Load Cells
    169. Single Shear Beam Load Cells
    170. Special Load Cell Design
    171. Stainless Steel Load Cells
    172. Strain Gauge Amplifiers
    173. Strain Gauge Bonding
    174. Strain Gauge Bridge Completion Modules
    175. Strain Gauge Design
    176. Strain Gauge Field Installation Service
    177. Strain Gauge Installation
    178. Strain Gauge Installation Service
    179. Strain Gauge Instrumentation
    180. Strain Gauge Instrumentation Hire Facility
    181. Strain Gauge Instrumentation Repair Facility
    182. Strain Gauge Linear Displacement Sensors
    183. Strain Gauge Load Cells
    184. Strain Gauge Repairs
    185. Strain Gauge Transducer
    186. Strain Gauge Transducers
    187. Strain Gauge Wire & Cables
    188. Strain Gauges
    189. Strain Gauging
    190. Strain Gauging Service
    191. Strain Measurement
    192. Strain Sensors
    193. Strain Transducers
    194. Sub-Miniature Load Cells
    195. Submersible Load Cells
    196. Telemetry Load Cells
    197. Temperature Sensors
    198. Temperature Thermocouples
    199. Tension Load Cell
    200. Tension Load Cells
    201. Tension S-Beams
    202. Three Element Strain Gauge Rosettes
    203. Torque Cells
    204. Torque Gauges
    205. Torque Gauging
    206. Torque Sensors
    207. Torque Strain Gauging
    208. Torque Transducers
    209. Torque Tube Technology
    210. Transducer Class Strain Gauges
    211. Transducer Design
    212. Transducer Strain Gauge Installation Service
    213. Transducers
    214. Transient Surge Absorber Semiconductors
    215. Vibration Gauges
    216. Vibration Sensors
    217. Weldable Strain Gauges
    218. Wireless Link Load Cells
    219. Wireless Load Cells
    220. Wireless Shackle Load Cells