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AA Catering Disposables

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    AA Catering Disposables

    Supplier of Catering Disposables like Sandwich & Salad Packaging

    AA Catering Disposables is a distributor of catering disposables and food packaging products such as Salad Containers, Sandwich Packaging, Plastic Containers, Cutlery and Tableware and much more.

    We supply our products to all over the UK providing our customers with excellent quality products and first class services all at competitive prices.

    AA Catering Disposables are able to supply a huge range of products Including:

    Aluminium Foil Containers

    Basin foil and platters, dish foils, compartment foil containers, rectangular foils, round plate foils, flan foils, square foils and oblong and oval foils. All can be supplied in various quantities.

    Plastic Containers and Cutlery

    We supply a number of plastic container products ranging from clear salad trays, plastic glasses, tamper evident containers and cutlery to CPET trays, small round containers and microwave containers. These are all supplied to our customers at very competitive prices.


    Including banquet rolls in a range of colours, doyleys and placemats in various designs and sizes, an impressive range of napkins, again in various designs, sizes and colours, slip covers & table covers.

    Cups & Trays

    AA Catering Disposables wide range of cups and trays come in a range of specifications and can be used for applications such as chip trays, burger & meal boxes, plates and bowls, cups and food containers. Our boxes are all hinged and are also available in compartment style so as to accommodate different food products.

    Film & Foil Rolls

    Film roll products include cling films in 12" and 18" widths along with Wrapmaster dispensers in various specifications. Once again our foil rolls are available in 12" to 18" widths and can be used in the Wrapmaster dispensers.


    Our high quality platters are manufactured in durable plastic and can include reattachable cutlery, sauce compartments and drinking glass holders. Ideal for picnics, parties, restaurants and BBQs etc.

    Our main aim at AA Catering Disposables is to provide complete satisfaction because our dedication to our customers starts right from the initial order through to final delivery. Your delivery can also be customised to meet your specific instruction whether it's a single consignment or a multi-drop we can deliver.

    Our range of products is too numerous to mention on this page so if you would like further information please visit our website which contains details on all of our products, contact details and some useful links.


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    Products and Services

    1. Alpamer Fish Sealer
    2. Alpamer Paper Rolls
    3. Bag Sealers
    4. Banquet Rolls
    5. Bap Box
    6. Barquet Meat Trays Clear
    7. Barrier Cups
    8. Basin Foil Containers
    9. Burger Box
    10. Burger Boxes
    11. Burger Packaging
    12. Butchers Trays
    13. Cake Cards
    14. Cardboard Burger Boxes
    15. Cardboard Food Boxes
    16. Catering Disposable Products
    17. Catering Disposables
    18. Catering Equipment
    19. Catering Packaging
    20. Centre Feed
    21. Chip Trays
    22. Coca Cola Cups
    23. Coffee Cups
    24. Cold Drink Cups
    25. Compartment Foil Containers
    26. Compost Bags
    27. Compostable Bags
    28. CPET Trays
    29. Custard Foil Containers
    30. Cutlery Plastic
    31. Deli Pots
    32. Dish Foil Containers
    33. Disposable Napkins
    34. Disposable Tableware
    35. DOT Trays
    36. Dual Ovenable Trays
    37. EPS Boxes
    38. Film Front Bags
    39. Flan Foil Containers
    40. Foil Containers
    41. Food Packaging
    42. Gourmet Burger Boxes
    43. Heat Seal Bags
    44. Kiddies Meal Boxes
    45. Kraft Burger Box
    46. Meal Boxes
    47. Microwave Containers
    48. Mistral Deli Meat Sealer
    49. Oblong Foil Containers
    50. Oval Foil Containers
    51. Packaging
    52. Paper Cups
    53. Papertech Cake Packaging
    54. Patty Foil Containers
    55. Pepsi Cups
    56. Pizza Box
    57. Pizza Box Design
    58. Pizza Boxes
    59. Plastic Cups Non Vending
    60. Plastic Cups Vending
    61. Plastic Glasses
    62. Plastic Pint Glasses
    63. Plate Foil Containers
    64. Rectangle Foil Containers
    65. Refuse Sacks
    66. Ripple Paper Cups
    67. Salad Container Supplier
    68. Salad Containers
    69. Salad Containers With Spork
    70. Sandwich Packaging
    71. Sandwich Packaging Supplier
    72. Sandwich Wedge Film
    73. Sandwich Wedge Sealing Machines
    74. Sandwich Wedges Hinged
    75. Sandwich Wedges Open
    76. Saucer Foil Containers
    77. Sealing Films
    78. Smoothy Cups
    79. Square Foil Containers
    80. Street Food Packaging
    81. Takeaway Boxes
    82. Takeaway Packaging
    83. Tamper Evident Containers
    84. Thermotop Paper
    85. Tortilla Wrap
    86. Tray Sealing Machines
    87. Treesaver Bags
    88. Trifle Dish
    89. Vending Cups

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