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Helena Flowers discussing leadership through a Global Pandemic

Andel Plastics Ltd News and PR from Andel Plastics Ltd - Published 29 October 2020 Managing Director Helena Flowers took part in discussion with other manufacturing business leaders on how they have approached leadership during the COVID Pandemic so far.
Toolmaking and injection moulding specialists Andel Plastics has also prioritized communication to lead during the crisis. Helena Flowers, Managing Director at Andel Plastics, spent time ringing their customers and suppliers to see how they were approaching things at the start of the pandemic.

This also applied to employees within the firm, giving them regular and clear communication around Government guidelines and how it will apply to the business. Helena said:

“Giving the reasoning behind my decisions quite clearly in writing, I think helped people appreciate that I was considering a lot of facts as they were, looking at all the angles and making the best possible decision at the time, even if that then changed as the situation developed.”

This has led to changes within the business such as the restructuring of working shifts to ensure staff safety and continuous production. Helena concluded:

“Once our customers' production started to ramp up again after lockdown, we changed to a 24-hour shift pattern. This enabled us to create two ‘bubbles’ of staff, so at least if one person on a shift had symptoms the business could still run – after a deep clean- with the other shift.

We have since increased our capacity by putting on a night shift three nights a week, to do that we employed three new people.”

Read the full article with the all the other leaders here.https://madeingroup.madeinthemidlands.com/news/how-uk-manufacturers-are-leading-during-a-global-crisis
Regular and clear communication regarding the Government guidelines and how they affected us

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