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Choosing Your PCB Finish

Saturn Solutions Ltd News and PR from Saturn Solutions Ltd - Published 09 July 2020 Choosing The Right Finish For Your PCB Design When it comes to PCB design it’s important you chose the right...
When it comes to PCB design itÂ’s important you chose the right finish to ensure its longevity and durability. Copper can oxidise and to ensure the components weld together correctly you need to choose the right materials.

The quality of soldering is based on the printed circuit board used and the electronic components that are then mounted on its surface; this is what is known as solderability. One of the most common surface finishes used is what is known as hot air solder levelling.

This method consists of using a selected tin-lead deposit, which is immersed in a bath of molten allot and then levelled using hot air. Many people choose to use this method as it is highly robust and is suitable for most applications. However, the more complex circuits are becoming the more people are choosing alternative methods.

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