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The Vinyl Corporation News and PR from The Vinyl Corporation - Published 10 March 2020 Preparation to apply vinyl self adhesive graphics and decals will evoke many opinions and theories as to “the definitive method” to prepare, place and finish this process.
After thirty five years of being around and supplying some of the innovators,originators and some might say legends, tipping a respectful nod to the late, great Mr.J.Leadley, in the vinyl sign and auto custom styling industry.The Vinyl Corporation can state with absolute certainty that there is Not one method that suits ALL applications or applicators! so letÂ’s explore some of the possibilities; firstly the key to ALL successful vinyl applications is:


The intended surface or substrate that is about to be adorned with the Decal or Vinyl Graphic must be free from all contamination, visible or not, especially focusing attention on removing grease, silicone, traffic film, PDI Wax or any other impurities that will prevent good adhesion between the substrate and the adhesive on the reverse of the vinyl graphic, wrap or signage and experience shows us that the preferred products to undertake this task with are the AVERY SURFACE CLEANER, which happens to be on SPECIAL OFFER at £9.50 per bottle reduced from the great price of £12.50 ! or the RAPID REMOVER available in the US Gallon bottle or the one shot trial sized bottle as shown below.

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there is Not one method that suits ALL applications or applicators

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