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Anglian Water Approved Headwalls

Althon Limited News and PR from Althon Limited - Published 06 March 2020 Althon Ltd have a range of approved Anglian Water headwalls
Althon Ltd are pleased to announce that their ‘Sewers for AdoptionÂ’ range of Headwalls have been approved for use on projects that are to be adopted under a Section 104 agreement by Anglian Water Services Ltd. Althon can advise on the most appropriate product from our range to suit the site requirement. The full range of acceptable Headwalls are available to view drawings and download from https://www.althon.co.uk/products/anglian-water-headwalls/. Consultants should specify the particular Headwall they intend to use when making their application allowing Anglian Water Services to review and ensure it is fit for purpose in the location proposed. If you are unable to find a Headwall that meets you specific site requirements we are able to offer modifications to our standard Headwalls or can produce bespoke units, please contact our sales office on 01603 488700 or [email protected] for further information.
Althon Ltd have a range of approved Anglian Water headwalls

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