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Equipment Repairs that cost the Earth

Northwick Associates Limited News and PR from Northwick Associates Limited - Published 29 January 2020 I feel a great deal of pressure to repair, recycle, and re-use. As an Engineer and business owner, I feel responsible and Id like to do more.
Some organisations (particularly airlines) tell me not to worry; they have planted enough trees to offset the impact of my selfish lifestyle. Such propaganda should make me feel good and I want to believe them.

My own customers have told me that being honest and delivering on promises is very important. It builds trust and earns loyalty and I am grateful to them for teaching me that lesson. I think my customers are very good at smelling a rat and I’ve probably developed the same sense for detecting untruths. Consequently, for me, making green promises is particularly troublesome.

I run a fleet of diesel vans which are essential for onsite gym repairs. Electric vans are not a viable option at the moment but I do use the most efficient and cleanest engines available (like the airlines). However, I am still burning fuel – and lots of it. What on earth could I possibly say to my customers that would make them truly believe they are doing their bit?

What if I could provide a remote gym repair service that does not need a site visit? No need to burn fuel. Eliminate the need for a van journey. Maybe someday, somewhere in Stuttgart, one less diesel van would be produced.

Or maybe I should plant a tree.
What if I could provide a remote gym repair service that does not need a site visit

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