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Bringing cheese to safety

Mayr Transmissions Ltd News and PR from Mayr Transmissions Ltd - Published 20 November 2019 Reliable linear brakes in cheese production applications
France is famous for its cheese. And also the production plants are fully matured. A renowned French manufacturer of production lines for the processing of cheese and other dairy products relies on reliable linear brakes by mayr® power transmission from Mauerstetten in its machines. The corrosion-protected brake systems are easily able to withstand the application conditions in the food industry and ensure, for example, in a vertical conveyor system that the heavy cheese wheels do not fall off.

The country of France is able to boast more varieties of cheese than there are days in a year. According to estimates made by the National Dairy Federation, they have approximately 1200 different types. Equipment is required for the production of this cheese – whether it is manufactured traditionally by hand in a small business or in automated production plants. The renowned company Chalon Mégard from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region has specialised in such equipment. It offers solutions for all process steps, from the milk preparation and coagulation via the curdling, the cheese curd preparation, the moulding and bathing in salt brine, right up to fermenting and maturing. The machines are exposed daily to wet conditions and cleaning fluids. Therefore, the company relies on robust power transmission which is able to withstand the application conditions. For example, a conveyor for one end customer is fitted with the tried and tested ROBA®-linearstop safety brakes by mayr® power transmission from Mauerstetten in the Allgaeu region, in corrosion-protected design made from rustproof stainless steel. In the plant, 20 kg wheels of cheese are transported into the ripening cellar at a speed of 2 m/s via an 8 m high elevator. Two linear brakes in pneumatic design with a holding force of 50,000 N each secure the elevator. They not only hold the load, but can also bring it to a standstill within fractions of a second in case of an emergency – for example, if the drive belt rips. The redundant design ensures the necessary safety.

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The country of France is able to boast more varieties of cheese than there are days in a year

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