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Finder Astro Time Switches

E Preston (Electrical) Ltd News and PR from E Preston (Electrical) Ltd - Published 20 November 2019 Finder’s Astro time switch calculates sunrise and sunset times through date, time and location coordinates, allowing you to sit back and relax.
Ideal for controlling applications such as lighting, CCTV, gardens, parking, shops, illuminated signs, irrigation systems, heating and cooling plant and fountains. Location coordinates easily set for most European countries through postcodes.

• New supply voltage: 12…24 V AC/DC, 110…230 V AC/DC
• Versions with 1 or 2 contacts – 16 A, Switch ON/Switch OFF with a minimum interval setting of 1 minute
• Pulse from 1 second to 59 minutes
• Internal battery for set-up and programming without supply, easily replaceable
• 50 memory location
• Automatic adjustment for daylight saving
• Wide backlit display
Automatic adjustment for daylight saving

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