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Modular Machine Guarding and Safety Fencing

Billington Safety Systems Ltd News and PR from Billington Safety Systems Ltd - Published 13 September 2019 Our standard Safety Fencing is a modular safety fencing system which comes in various widths from 200mm up to 1500mm and vary in height from 1400mm up to 2.7m as standard.
The systems include a comprehensive range of panels, posts, access doors, bracketry and accessories. Versatile and economical, the system will appeal to anyone using perimeter guarding, including turnkey suppliers, warehousing, OEMs, automation suppliers and end customers.

The modular safety fencing systems are extremely easy and quick to assemble on site and comes complete with assembly instructions and all necessary fittings, securely packed on a wooden pallet. The posts can either be supplied with a standard welded baseplates or adjustable baseplates ensure that a level guard-line can be achieved on an uneven floor.

Billington Safety Systems are a well-known name in machine guarding and machine safety industry, with our systems being Stable, flexible and easy to install.

Extra items such as cutting kits are available to enable both vertical and horizontal adaptation on site, as well as rubber trims to cover over any sharp edges left behind.

The doors are available in several designs – hinged doors, railed sliding doors and telescopic sliding doors in single and double designs.

You can also choose different panels or combinations with mixed sections for doors and walls to suit your application – wire mesh, steel plate panels or clear polycarbonate sheets.

If the modular panels aren’t what you need, we can also specifically design a system to suit your needs in mild steel, aluminium profile and Stainless steel.
The modular safety fencing systems are extremely easy and quick to assemble on site

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