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Cameras for Science

Laser Support Services Ltd News and PR from Laser Support Services Ltd - Published 18 February 2019 Laser Support Services are pleased to supply a varied range of cameras for science.
From thermal imaging cameras, to infrared, 3D line scan, and CCD cooled cameras, we are confident in meeting your requirements.

We only use trusted and reliable suppliers who provide quality, yet affordable products.

Thermal Vision Research is our supplier of Flir products for thermal imaging cameras and devices. Products from Thermal Vision Research have been used in research and development, military, aerospace and medical applications, to name a few.

Scorpion Vision is our UK supplier of HikVision cameras yet also design and manufacture their own cameras and software for use in applications such as quality control and research and development. Scorpion Vision host several cameras in mono and/or colour formats.

Starlight Xpress joined our continually growing list of suppliers in 2018, manufacturing and designing their own cameras for use in astronomy and industrial applications. The range of cooled CCD cameras are well known for low noise. Cameras are available with supporting software.

IRVI supply a variety of infrared cameras and devices used for applications such as military, research and development, and alignment. A range of accessories to accompany the infrared products are also available from IRVI.

Throughout the year we host many product demonstration sessions giving our customers the opportunity to meet with our suppliers, ask questions about products, and discuss products which may benefit their applications. Our next demonstration session for Scientific Cameras is to be held in May 2019. If you would like to find out any more information about this event or would like to see a particular product in demonstration, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website at www.laser-support.co.uk.
We only use trusted and reliable suppliers who provide quality, yet affordable products

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