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Customer Satisfaction Ratings at their highest for Thermoseal Group

Thermoseal Group Limited News and PR from Thermoseal Group Limited - Published 20 September 2017 The results are in for Thermoseal Group, with the UK’s leading specialist insulated glass (IG) component manufacturer and distributor of over 2,000 IG products, reporting highest ever customer satisfaction ratings from its latest Customer Satisfaction Survey.
With 38 years supplying to the window industry, Thermoseal Group supplies to the majority of IG manufacturers in the UK and now to a range of export customers in 22 countries across 5 continents.  Its long-standing service to the industry is a direct result of its focus on customers and ability to respond quickly to market demand.

The Group’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Samantha Hill, tells us:  “The data collected is invaluable to our continual efforts to provide a premium service to customers.  As any intelligent supplier would do, we value our customers and take all feedback on board to improve our products and service.  As we have increased our focus on manufacturing, working with customers has become more important to us in developing our products to suit current manufacturing methods, whilst ensuring we offer industry-leading product performance.  This is why we have set up our own Technical Centre and EN1279 test facilities to ensure that we continually enhance our products, closely monitor the quality and focus on innovating new products to futureproof our offering. 

“The Customer Satisfaction Survey is just part of what we do to ensure that we maintain 2-way communication with our customers.  Our dedicated account managers continually seek customer feedback and work closely with our technical centre and branch operations to improve our products and service.  We also have a range of product trials running with a selection of our long-standing customers to ensure that the products we introduce into the market are worthy of our industry-leading status.  

“Our survey is distributed to all of our customers and contains a range of questions relating to our products and service.  There are also some key questions in there seeking opinions on the industry and future plans.  This way we can work with them to ensure that we continue to meet their requirements.  In the latest survey, we achieved the highest customer ratings yet, with the average overall rating of 96% with the knowledge and capability of our sales team commended throughout.  We are obviously delighted with the results. 

“Our customers gave us some invaluable product feedback and suggestions for future innovation which we are currently reviewing in line with our plans to develop new products. The service feedback was also extremely helpful and as a result we are already putting new systems and processes in place to ensure that we offer the best service available. Part of these plans include a new delivery tracking system and a premium website with a range of new services to improve the way we interact with our customers. We are also working with customers to carry out presentations and tailored training on our Thermobar and Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer Systems and their contribution in the production of highest performance IG units".

To find out about Thermoseal Group call +44(0)121 331 3950 or visit www.thermosealgroup.com. 
We value our customers and take all feedback on board to improve our products and service

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