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Harwell Oxford Outlet now open!

Laser Support Services Ltd News and PR from Laser Support Services Ltd - Published 17 August 2017 NOW OPEN AT UNIT 2, BLDG 363, CURIE AVENUE, HARWELL OXFORD OX11 0QQ
At Harwell we can offer engineers, scientists, and researchers the opportunity to touch, test, view and buy products from all our major suppliers. Building up a stock of motorised translation stages, mounts, positioners, apertures, laser scanners, choppers and shutters plus IR viewers, IR cameras and safety eyewear we are confident you will see value in discussing your project requirements and problems and solving them at this "one stop one shop" outlet.

We are supported by our main suppliers - STANDA, National Aperture, Electro Optical Products Corp, NoIR, Scintacor, LewVac, National Laser Company, RedWave,Honeywell and ElectroOptic. Recent additions include Thermal Vision Research who will now meet potential customers by arrangement.

We can offer solutions to Laser Safety Officers on panels, barriers and curtains, suggest alternative sizes and travel on translation stages, order custom project parts and increasingly provide stock as immediate over the counter sales. We believe we currently hold the widest range of frame and filter choices for safety eyewear in the UK which you can try and buy in one location! Come and browse to see what we have to offer.

Located on Curie Avenue, we are on the doorstep for the scientific community at Harwell Oxford, in easy reach of both London and Oxford, and already have customers calling in from Northampton and Berkshire. No order is too small, no enquiry ignored! No-obligation visits and quotes are standard, plus no time limit to your pricing while you wait for grant applications and funding.
browse, touch, test and feel the products you need for your project!

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