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Outsourcing Lead Generation A Business Evaluation Guide

Internal Results Ltd. News and PR from Internal Results Ltd. - Published 23 June 2017 Lead generation is one of the most important undertakings for a company or marketing team. However, attracting the right leads for your business is complicated, challenging and time-consuming.
And the more you delve into this area, the more questions arise.

– What areas of your business do you need to review to help drive the right leads?

– Should you be getting your sales people to focus on converting your existing leads or have them generating new leads?

– Are there gaps in your marketing funnel and how do you identify them?

– Have you got the resources to focus on all leads throughout your funnel, and how should you prioritise them?

First, you need to build a consistent and coordinated plan for attracting prospects that match your ideal customer profile for a given solution.

Next, you need to gather data to identify the best practices for doing so.

The culmination of your data-gathering efforts is a well-documented and defined system for generating the leads you want and then either handing them off to your sales team for conversion or nurturing them further along their buyer’s journey.

These challenges are the same for all businesses. For this reason, outsourcing lead generation to an experienced and professional partner has become a viable alternative.

The following is a comprehensive guide outlining how to successfully outsource lead generation for your business.

Why Outsource Lead Generation?

To understand why outsourcing lead generation makes sense, compare the benefits of an expert partner to managing this process internally.

A recent CSO Insights study showed that 68 percent of B2B companies struggle in fulfilling their lead generation system.

If your sales team is getting bogged down by the lead generation process, speaking to a lead generation company about outsourcing part of this process may be an option for your organisation. To that end, working with a lead generation partner can prove to be a smart business decision.

Many companies recognise the key benefits:

Efficient conversations with top, qualified prospects – Appointments are set with the most qualified buyers, eliminating waste that can impact upon the productivity of your sales team.

Improved concentration on nurturing and closing for your sales team – Your team isn’t frustrated and burdened with time-consuming activities that don’t align with their passion or expertise.

Access to an established technology-supported system for managing the entire lead generation loop – An expert partner has the infrastructure and tools in place that you need.

Faster time from lead targeting to nurturing – Your sales cycle functions more swiftly with better targeting, qualifying and appointment setting, allowing you to complete more sales in a given period.

Lower costs – The costs of hiring an expert partner are offset by the time saved internally, and higher productivity.


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Focus on the areas where there are gaps in your marketing funnel.