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You can ‘Do It Yourself’ this Spring with SureSet

SureSet UK Ltd News and PR from SureSet UK Ltd - Published 01 April 2017 SureSet resin bound paving introduce their self-install range of products available for competent DIYer’s, experienced tradesmen and builders. Ideal, to carry out those home improvements.
Bring to life driveways, pathways, gardens, patios and pool surrounds with SureSet permeable paving. ItÂ’s an attractive, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional surfacing such as asphalt, gravel, decking and paving slabs.

SureSet offers a full supply and installation service, however, they also draw on the benefits of their resin bound technology with several self-install options including the DIY Kit®, PatioPack™, and TradePack®.

A DIY Kit is ideal for small projects or incorporating designs into pathways and driveways i.e. your house number or name. A DIY Kit contains the exact amount of resin and stone to complete ½ m² area at a depth of 16mm.

Depending on the quantity ordered and colour chosen, the cost of a DIY paving Kit (13kg) starts at £34.00 (excluding VAT and including UK mainland delivery).

A PatioPack allows you to easily create areas to relax, play or socialise. Each PatioPack is delivered on a pallet and provides sufficient SureCell (a sub-base), natural aggregate and resin to install up to 12m² at a 24mm depth.

Prices start from £775.00 including UK delivery, excluding VAT. Please note that the aggregate infill required for SureCell is not included.

A TradePack contains 6mm sized aggregate and resin sufficient to install an area of 30m² at a 16mm depth or an area of 26m² at an 18mm depth. Available in our most popular colours; Sterling, Norwegian Pearl and Chestnut, a TradePack is delivered palletised and shrink-wrapped.

Including UK mainland delivery, prices start from £800.00 excluding VAT. Each TradePack comes with a 40-litre bucket and paddle whisk attachment (drill not included). Please note that a TradePack can weigh up to one tonne and assistance may be required.

Get in touch with your self-install requirements.

the full benefits of their resin bound technology with several self-install options

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