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Pallet Racking Project - Specflue Case Study

Romstor - Workplace Solutions News and PR from Romstor - Workplace Solutions - Published 22 November 2016 The continuous expansion of our customerís base and the new product lines added created the need for expanding their existing warehouse. Romstor offered an efficient solution installing a pallet racking scheme designed to be capable of storing peak stock levels with warehouse space available for future increase in stock levels.
Client Profile: Specflue are the UKs No.1 supplier of flue and chimney products for gas, oil and solid fuel systems. The continuous expansion of its customer base and its new product lines have contributed to a quick development of the company. With over 8,700sqm of warehousing in Suffolk, Specflue holds in excess of £3m of products, the largest in the UK.

Problem: Their Distribution Manager called us in to look at a new project. Because of their fast expansion, they needed additional storage on a seasonal basis for their products. So they were looking at a warehouse across the road from their main premises.

Moreover, their manager asked us to Design a Pallet Racking Installation for half of the warehouse. This would accommodate the Seasonal increase of their products consisting mainly of Wood Burning Fires and ancillary products. This also opened an opportunity to rent out the storage space to local companies during the off peak times.

Solution: We offered them a solution that gained their interest. Romstor won the order based on cost, design, delivery and installation time. The distribution manager was pleased with our work and the result of the project. Thus, we were called in again a year later and received a second order for the extension of the installation to cover the entire warehouse.
"An opportunity was created to rent out the spare storage space to local companies"

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