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New Stoneworks From Wine Corner

Wine Corner Ltd News and PR from Wine Corner Ltd - Published 08 September 2016 When it comes to wine cellars, Wine Corner has it covered.
The latest addition to the product range is Stoneworks, a lime based bespoke wall coating that provides the finishing touch to your wine cellar.

Stoneworks is hand coloured and carved on to the wall and ceiling, if preferred. From brick to stone looking finishes, literally any colour and shape can be produced to suit your individual taste. Arches, quoins and other features can also be created to further enhance your space.

Wine Corner can help with the design of the Stoneworks finish, based on your brief, as well as provide design ideas for you.

As Irwen Martin, joint Managing Director at Wine Corner explained, “The Stoneworks concept is perfect for customers that want to enhance their wine cellar with a specific wall and ceiling finish. And at Wine Corner, we can visualise the design before implementation, making it easier for the customer to make that final decision on the wine cellar finish.”

Breathable, with a low PH value and zero carbon footprint, Stoneworks provides a stunning finish to your bespoke wine cellar.
Breathable, with a low PH value and zero carbon footprint

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