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Smart starch cap

Haverhill Mould & Tooling News and PR from Haverhill Mould & Tooling - Published 29 July 2016 Two Impression unscrewing
This is a fully hardened 2 imp tool, incorporating slides for the embossed engraving. The parts are moulded from high density polypropylene were the colour has been perfectly matched. The cap incorporates a special sealing rib which stops any leakage from the bottle with out having to use a separate seal.

The Mould tool uses a fully automatic unscrewing system. As the tool opens in the moulding cycle the internal cores automatically turn by means of a fixed helix spindle and gears. Once the mould tool is fully open and the internal cores are clear of the moulding the part is ejected by means of two air valves.
The Mould tool uses a fully automatic unscrewing system

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