Addison Saws Ltd News and PR from Addison Saws Ltd - Published 16 May 2016 For Addison Saws, MACH 16 won’t simply provide an opportunity to present some of the very latest CNC sawing and cutting technologies to UK-based manufacturers and fabricators.
“As the company that introduced a new breed of metal sawing machinery to the UK all those years ago,” comments Managing Director, Gary Knight, “it seemed only fitting that we should use MACH 16 to both celebrate our 60 years in business – and showcase some of the very latest cutting innovations.”

Showcasing the latest sawing, machining and tube bending solutions
Accordingly, visitors to Addison’s impressive 170m2 stand will be able to do much more than join in the company’s anniversary celebrations. At MACH 16, Addison Saws will be demonstrating a wide range of automated sawing solutions, a high-speed Mecal MC 307 Falcon 4-axis CNC machining centre – and a CSM all-electric push bender from sister company, Tubefab.

Machinery handpicked to inspire
“The technologies we will be presenting have all been handpicked to inspire manufacturers and show the immense benefits that can be brought to their production strategies,” adds Gary Knight. “For example, alongside the Mecal CNC machining centre, we will be demonstrating a new automatic saw from Tronzadoras. With Y-axis drilling capability on varying centre lines, it offers a wide range of exciting options for manufacturers of small components.”

The Mecal MC 307 Falcon – X-axis traverse speed of 150mpm
Widely believed to be the fastest aluminium machining centres of their kind, Mecal MC 307 Falcons have an X-axis traverse speed of 150mpm – almost double that of their rival. Other standard features include five automatic, individually motorised vices and an A-axis profile rotation from +135° to -135° for working three sides of each component. Fibre optic plc comms ensures rapid data transfer, while absolute smart motor servo drives deliver ultra-precise performance.

Steel and aluminium cutting technologies
The saws on display at Addison’s MACH 16 stand will include an Everising H460 fully automatic band saw, a large-capacity Tronzadoras TL600 semi-automatic rising blade mitre saw, and the Tronzadoras GAA350 TR12 CNC aluminium vertical cut-off saw with Y-axis drilling capability. A newly released IMET twin pillar semi-automatic band saw will also be on display, as will IMET’s SIRIO 370 vertical action cold saw, and their X Smart CNC mitre bandsaw – a heavy duty machine purpose-built for cutting cast iron, steel and high-strength steels. Visitors to Stand 4627 will also be able to view the latest autopos system from Tronzadoras. Specially developed for Addison Saws, this new technology allows customers to input cutting data directly into the autopos’s NC control from a flash drive.

CSM tube benders – accuracy, repeatability and reliability
Finally, a CSM 50TBRE multi-stack, 4-axis electric tube bender from Tubefab will also be on display. Tubefab’s CSM benders are rapidly gaining recognition for their uncompromising repeatability and reliability – and linear/radial accuracy to 0.01mm/degrees – all while providing highly affordable solutions to some of the most challenging tube forming applications.
it seemed only fitting that we should use MACH 16 to both celebrate our 60 years in business

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