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Scottish Water Poject

Darfen Durafencing News and PR from Darfen Durafencing - Published 06 October 2015 Large scale job underway for Jacobs
Darfen Durafencing has started a large scale project for Jacobs on behalf of Scottish water. There are 7500 liner meters spreading across 29 sites in total, all 3 and 4m high Heras 358 fencing system. The sites are from the far north of Scotland to the borders, it has been a challenge with the logistics on some sites, but one Darfen overcame flying men in and from Stornoway (a town on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland) to Birmingham. Darfen national have come together using labour from all of our branches in the UK to complete the job. Some of our erectors had never been in Scotland and loved every minute they worked on the beautiful islands.
We have so far completed approximately 15 of the sites all including fencing and gates.
Tremendous work by all involved.

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