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Change of Ownership

Cambridge Dynamics Ltd News and PR from Cambridge Dynamics Ltd - Published 24 August 2015 We are writing to let you know that Cambridge Dynamics has undergone a change of ownership.
The previous owner and Managing Director, Dave Patmore, has decided to retire after many years of hard work and has sold the company to a Father and Son team, namely Andre and Andrew Becker.

It has been Dave’s desire to ensure that Cambridge Dynamics continues to be a successful company supplying high quality services to their customers whilst also continuing to care for the company’s valued employees. With this in mind Dave sought buyers who would preserve Cambridge Dynamics’ culture, who really appreciate the business, understand how to manage it properly, and are keen and capable of developing its future potential.

Dave will be staying on for a 9 month transition period to ensure a smooth handover of the business.

Andre and Andrew recognise that the price they are paying includes a premium for the goodwill that has been created through the company’s good relationships with existing customers, and are therefore keen to ensure that they protect that value. The company will also be seeking customer feedback to identify how additional value can be created.

The employees of the business support the sale and are positive about the future under the new management.

We believe it is important to give you a brief synopsis of Andre and Andrew Becker’s backgrounds and experience:

Andre is an engineer with 38 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, including many years at executive level in major international companies. Andre will be the Managing Director of Cambridge Dynamics.

Andrew has a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked in engineering companies including the automotive component manufacturing industry. For the past two years he has been the Engineering Manager of a large specialist tool manufacturing company. Andrew will be the Technical Director of Cambridge Dynamics.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact any one of us.
The employees of the business support the sale and are positive about the future under the new management

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