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Cygnus 6+ PRO Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Cygnus Instruments Ltd News and PR from Cygnus Instruments Ltd - Published 04 August 2015 Now available, the new Cygnus 6+ PRO surface thickness gauge packed full of features and options.
To complete the new range of Cygnus surface thickness gauges we are pleased to let you know the Cygnus 6+ PRO is now available.

The 6+ PRO is packed full of features and options, including:
- 2 displays (front and end-mounted)
- A-scan
- B-scan
- Manual Gain Control (option to use automatic or manual)
- Comprehensive data logging: Grid (16 directional options); Add bespoke templates; Up to 12 radial points around a measurement point; Very user friendly; Easy to add comments; Auto-log to automatically record readings.
- High temperature probe option
- Bluetooth and USB connectivity to transfer readings to CygLink software.

As with all the "+" models the 6+ PRO can be used in 3 measuring modes, Multiple-Echo with single crystal probes and Echo-Echo and Single-Echo with twin crystal probes.
Packed full of features including A-scan and B-scan display, comprehensive data logging, Bluetooth connectivity and much more

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