Polyolefin Heatshrink Sleeving

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NBRE - Polyolefin Heatshrink Sleeving
  • NBRE - Polyolefin Heatshrink Sleeving
  • NBRE3
  • NBRE-B1

Polyolefin Heatshrink Sleeving

Our range of Polyolefin Heatshrink Sleeving is premium grade thin wall and manufactured to meet most exacting specifications. These heatshrinks are flame retarded and very flexible.

NBRE is one of our popular cross-linked polyolefin sleeving products, it has good electrical performance and solvent and chemical resistance. Available in a range of colours making it excellent for identification and coding.

Our range also includes NBRE3 and NBRE-B1, visit our website to find out more.

Unique Product Information:

Shrink ratio: 2:1
Flexibility: Semi flexible
Material: Cross-linked polyolefin
Colours: Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Clear, Green, Violet
Flammability: Self-extinguishing
Corrosion: Non-corrosive

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