Grease Guardian

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D Series Grease Guardian (D1-D4)
  • D Series Grease Guardian (D1-D4)
  • X Series Grease Guardian (7,15, 25, 35)
  • Manual Grease Trap (Grease Guardian)

Grease Guardian

RGR Facilities are the main UK Distributor for Grease Guardian.

Grease Guardian are world leading grease trap manufacturers that produce the most efficient grease traps on the market.

We supply a wide range of their products that includes the Automatic Grease Guardian X and D Series as well as their excellent Manual Grease Traps.

Each of these units are designed to sit under the sink.

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Unique Product Information:

Material: High Quality Stainless Steel
Placement: Under-Sink
Mechanism: Automatic or Manual

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