Bending Busbars

From Alfra Electrical Ltd
Manual Busbar Bending Machine
  • Manual Busbar Bending Machine
  • Electrohydraulic Cart based system
  • Bench mounted Busbar Bending and Punching Set

Bending Busbars

The highest quality Busbar machines available from Alfra UK. These machines are very well made and are not to be confused with cheap alternatives. Manual and Electromechanical machines serve to make on site installation easier.

Busbar machines with punching capability are available in our sets. Cart based systems can be wheeled to the site of installation. Capacities to bend busbar up to 160mm width and 12mm thick with support for cutting also up to 12mm. High quality

Unique Product Information:

Application: Bench mount, trolley and cart mount
Action: Bending, cutting and punching systems available
Capacities: up to 160mm widths
Depth of Cut: Up to 12mm
Machine Operation: Manual and Electrohy-draulic systems
Compression: Electro-Hydraulic Pump
Measurement: Length stops featuring fine adjustment
Storage: Storage Drawers in cart based Busbar systems
Connection: Self recoiling 230 volt cable on some models

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