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Cube Products & Services Ltd - (Lockers)

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Cube Products & Services Ltd - Steel Lockers / Work Lockers

Cube Products & Services Ltd presents ‘Locker-Selector’, a comprehensive selection of the most popular lockers available, delivered direct from the factory.

We have an extensive range of styles and models to suit most requirements and also offer a bespoke product design service to all clients.

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Steel Lockers

Steel lockers form the most widely used style of locker with virtually all models available manufactured from steel. The usual style of steel locker consists of a spot welded front frame with the remainder of the locker panels riveted in place.

Steel lockers are fitted with steel doors as standard supplied with a plain finish but can also be supplied with perforations to allow airflow through the compartments. Optional door finishes include real wood, veneered wood and laminate.

Steel lockers can be fitted with every style of locking mechanism currently available and the choice of colour finishes is virtually endless (minimum quantity applies).

To view our range of steel lockers Click Here

Work Lockers

Work Lockers provide options depending on the quantity and type of items to be stored. The range consists of four work lockers each with a unique selling point.

Combi Lockers
The Combi Locker is ideal for Nurses or Janitors where there is a requirement for hanging garments in addition to personal effects and work related items.

Clean & Dirty Lockers
The Clean & Dirty Locker has two hanging compartments designed for the storage of clean ‘home’ wear and dirty ‘work’ wear in addition to a spacious personal effects compartment at the top of the locker.

Twin Lockers
The Twin Locker and Two Person Lockers present two options with the same goal, to allow for an increase in number of overall users within a given area. The Twin Locker provides a larger hanging space with the Two Person Locker providing a larger personal effects compartment. Work Lockers are manufactured from an all steel construction, with locks and colour options available from the standard range.

To view our range of staff lockers Click Here

Wire Mesh Lockers

Wire Mesh Lockers are designed to provide a secure environment for clothes, boots and tools in industrial circumstances where regular steel lockers will not suffice.

The wire mesh lockers are manufactured from a mild steel wire mesh sheet welded to a rod framework and finished with either a bright-zinc plating or a hot dip galvanised finish. These coatings allow the lockers to be washed down.

Wire Mesh Lockers are available with compartment quantities ranging from one through to six and are available in a range of size options, although all wire mesh lockers are generally 1950mm high. This height includes for a 150mm foot which keeps the base of locker above the floor level and prevents items being stored in the lower compartments coming into contact with the floor, particularly useful if the floor is wet.

To view our wire mesh lockers Click Here

Laminate Lockers

Laminate lockers are available as steel lockers with laminate doors or can be supplied completely manufactured from laminate panels.

The use of laminate panels to manufacture lockers with allows the lockers to be used in constant wet environments. Where standard mild steel lockers, and even zinc plated or galvanised lockers will over time normally degrade and rust, the laminate locker will withstand the wet conditions with ease.

Laminate Lockers and Laminate Door only Lockers are available in a range of standard sizes and are available with compartment quantities covering the range of compartment lockers. Locking mechanisms include all the standards for dry changing rooms, but also include stainless steel locking mechanisms for wet area changing facilities.

To view our laminate lockers Click Here

Personal Effects Lockers

The Personal Effects Locker combines the requirements of the smaller compartment lockers to provide a maximum number of compartments in one locker. The result is a very small compartment which is only suitable for the storage of a bunch of keys or a mobile phone.

The personal effects lockers are available in a small range of alternative sizes with compartment quantities ranging from 20 to 40. Each compartment is individually accessible and lockable. The standard locking mechanism is a key lock although a padlock fitting is also possible. In some cases, coin operated mechanisms are used, although this can vary from each design.

Popular uses include restricted access environments where mobile phones for example are not allowed, and events such as music gigs or conferences.

To view our personal effects lockers Click Here

Compartment Lockers

Compartment Lockers are the most widely used lockers and the most basic in terms of design and build. A compartment locker is simple. It is divided into equally sized spaces. Each space has its own door and is uniquely accessible by a locking mechanism. Locking mechanisms are usually supplied as standard as a key lock, supplied with two keys, or a hasp and staple lock for the fitting of a padlock.

The number of spaces in the height is referred to as compartments, but can also be called tiers or doors. So the number of total compartments is the number of lockers times by the number of compartments per locker. Compartment Lockers are generally available with one, two, three, four, five, six, eight and sixteen compartments although other compartment quantities are also possible.

Clean & Dirty Lockers

The Clean and Dirty locker has a standard width of 450mm and has a single door for access. Behind the door, a full width top compartment is useful for the storage of personal items, whilst the remainder of the locker is split into two providing ample space for both clean (non work wear) and dirty (work wear) clothing with the full height divider providing separation to each set of clothes. Generally, each clothing compartment would have at least one coat hook.

Garment Lockers

Garment Lockers are available in two distinct types. Garment Dispenser lockers are designed for the storage of clean folded garments prior to use. Garment Collectors are designed for dirty or soiled garments to be stored ready for collection.

The two lockers provide a valuable service where third party garment providers are used. The Garment Dispenser allows for the third party to have access to each garment dispenser by means of a master door which opens up every compartment in the locker at the same time. The third party then replenishes the garment dispenser with clean folded garments, shuts the door and then collects the dirty or soiled garments from the garment collector before leaving the premises.

Laptop Lockers

Laptop lockers provide a useful method of storing and/or charging laptop lockers that are required in quantity. In particular, the laptop locker range allows schools to secure quantities of laptops safely.

The basic range of laptop lockers provides for a secure location with the extended range providing for the charging of laptops whilst being stored securely.

Laptop lockers can accommodate up to fifteen laptops each stored in their own individual compartment which is locked with either a key lock or a padlock fitment lock. Colour options are from the standard range. Laptop lockers can accommodate laptops up to 19” in screen size.

Wooden Door Lockers

Wooden Door Lockers are designed to provide the end user with a more up market aesthetic feel to the standard compartment lockers.

Wooden door lockers generally are available with one, two, three or four compartments. They are available in a limited range of sizes although 300mm wide x 450mm deep and 380mm wide x 380mm deep seem to be the most generally available. Locking mechanisms available for the wooden door lockers generally includes key locks, hasp and staple locks as well as coin operated locks. The doors themselves tend to be a veneered covered composite with options on the finish.

These options generally include Oak, Ash, Beech and Cherry. In some cases, patterned door finishes are also available. The Wooden Door Locker range is more suitable to the office environment where aesthetics are top priority. Due to the limited demand for wooden door lockers, lead times are generally longer than for standard compartment lockers.

Cloakroom Seating

Bench Seating can be used to compliment a locker room or can be used on its own to provide effective changing room layouts where lockers are not required.

Cloakroom Seating can be supplied with additional baskets or shelves which are located beneath the bench seat for the storage of shoes.

Bench Seating can be supplied from a wide range of materials, but in the main the frames are generally steel and the seats are slatted from hardwood, softwood, plastic or metal. Bench Seating frames and coat hooks can be supplied colour coded to suit the environment application.

Other lockers available include School Lockers, Police Lockers, Golf Lockers, Plastic Lockers and Clear Door Lockers . We can also visit your premises to discuss layout options, measure up and provide scale drawings for your proposed locker requirement. Call our sales team to discuss your requirement.

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