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  • Cost and Time Saving.
  • Ensured Confidentiality.
  • Active Project Management.
  • Fast & Efficient Enquiry and Quotation Facility.

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Welcome to MRC - The Manufacturing Resource Centre

The Manufacturing Resource Centre MRC is committed to promoting excellence in the UK engineering Supply Chain. Our remit is to develop opportunities for UK engineering buyers and GTMA qualified suppliers to work together, with the remit of providing the customer with a Quality, Cost and Delivery driven product.


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Buyer:Supply Network Benefits:

Cost and Time Savings
Ensured Confidentiality
Active Project Management
Supply Chain Qualified Suppliers
In-depth Supplier Assessment
Fast & Efficient Enquiry and Quotation Facility

MRC offers a range of services from Finance to Professional Services, which includes: Supplier Evaluation to Business Development Mentoring.

For more information, please visit our website:

TELEPHONE: 01844 274222

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