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  • Delivering Quality Industrial Solutions
  • A Family-owned and Family-run Business
  • A British Company Excelling Throughout the World
  • Delivering Quality Industrial Solutions
  • A Family-owned and Family-run Business
  • A British Company Excelling Throughout the World
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Michael Williams Engineering Ltd

Michael Williams Engineering Ltd

Michael Williams Engineering - Excelling Throughout the World

Michael Williams Engineering is a British company that has been designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative solutions for over forty years including Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Agricultural Bird Scarers.
Michael Williams Engineering is now best known for creating two well-known products.

These products not only provide fast and efficient cleaning to industries around the globe, but offer farmers throughout the UK a highly effective crop protection solution.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The Big Brute

Nothing comes close to this high performance industrial vacuum cleaner.

Michael Williams Engineering has been manufacturing the Big Brute since 1984 standing testament to its reliability, power and cleaning ability.

Originally created for use in agricultural applications such as grain stores they have now become a firm favourite with industries that require unbeatable power suction, flexibility and large capacity drums so if you need to tackle liquid waste, sludge and even big lumps then The Big Brute is the one to choose.

The Big Brute also comes into its own where draining is concerned because whichever way you want to empty your waste, whether in a gully, drain, high sided skip or even into your own container for further recycling, the Big Brute provides industries everywhere with the perfect solution.

Agricultural Bird Scarers

The Bangalore Bird Scarer

Following on from the original range of agricultural bird scarers Michael Williams Engineering has been supplying since the 1980`s, the latest range of bird scarers `The Bangalore Bird Scarer` series including the world’s first solar power charging model which was created in 2008.

So effective were these bird scarers they soon found fame in various other countries including across the Atlantic and arrived in the USA in 2015.

The Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarer has now been re-created to provide new features including advanced electronics.

Despite its innovative design the Bangalore Broadside Bird Scarer Mk 2 released in 2018 is still easy to use so to find out more please head over to our website.

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