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Fibet Rubber Bonding (UK) Ltd

  • Manufacturer of High Quality Isolation Mounts
  • Bespoke Anti Vibration Mounts
  • Widest Range of Stock Available for Next Day Delivery
  • Professional Service and Technical Expertise
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Welcome to Fibet Rubber Bonding (UK) Ltd

Fibet (UK) Ltd are part of a large privately owned Italian group focused on the manufacture of a significant range of anti vibration mounts and isolation mounts for a wide and disparate range of market sectors.

The Fibet Group was formed in 1952, with the initial focus towards supporting the Automotive industry. By the 1970’s the company had expanded into other market sectors – and quickly became established as one of the world leaders in the field of mechanical application of Elastomer.

The Fibet Group has now grown into a significant business through our commitment, dedication, support and response to customers’ increasing requirements - within their timeframes, to the quality levels demanded and within the cost parameters required to support their resultant customer base.

We now support key customers within the Generator, HVAC, Automotive, General Engineering, Military, Marine and Distributor market sectors – and are pleased to be part of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier base for a significant number of highly reputable organisations.

Product Range

Fibet offer the widest range of Anti Vibration and Isolation Mounts to suit all applications, manufactured by bonding rubber to metal in various forms & profiles to create the optimum solution for the customers’ requirements.

As we manufacture all our own parts, we are able to offer the most comprehensive range that is covered within our catalogue at the lowest prices – the majority of which are available ex-stock for next day delivery.

However, we also have a wide range of bespoke Mounts available, and we are also able to work with the customer on designing, developing and manufacturing specific Mounts for their applications using our technical team who are respected industry wide for their knowledge, competence and commitment towards providing you with the best solution at the right price.

Bobbin Mounts

A complete range of Bobbin Mounts (Fivistop) for use in applications that require isolation of vibration in compression or shear axis’.

These AVM’s can be supplied with internal, external or combinations threads in a wide range of sizes and load capabilities and we hold a significant amount of stock within the UK for next day delivery.

The Bobbin Mounts are supplied as standard in Natural Rubber. However, we can also offer any of these in other Elastomer compounds for applications in more onerous environmental conditions.

These products are used in a significantly wide range of applications including Small Machinery, Instruments, Engines, Pumps, Radiators, Measurement Equipment, Computer Cabinets etc.

To view our bobbin mounts Click Here

Bobbin Mounts


Fibet offer a significant range of Buffers / Resilient stops (Fivistop) from stock, which are primarily designed to prevent shock or impact forces or damage to the associated machinery/ equipment.

These are available with male or female threads in a variety of profiles to suit the required level of progressive absorption.

To view our buffer / stops Click Here


Engine Mounts

Fibet manufacture a significant range of Bell Mounts (Fivistop) which are available in circular or rectangular designs, differing load capabilities and thread sizes to suit a wide range of applications.

These are designed to be low profile, and are offered either with fail-safe (or captive) functionality to provide shock and failure protection, or as a lower cost non fail-safe (non captive) standard Engine Mount design.

The fail-safe (captive) range are used by a wide range of OEM’s and are also compatible with all other OEM Engine Mounts that can be sourced from other suppliers. The Fibet CCF/ CFE/ CFB/ CFAB & CCFQ ranges are all manufactured to a high quality that will perform to the same isolation levels and lifespan demanded by the OEM companies – and most are available ex-stock for next day delivery.

Our non fail-safe (non captive) ranges are a lower cost solution where there is no requirement for a fail-safe solution. We offer these in a wide range of variants including the standard Bell Mounts CF range – through to the more traditional Flanged Bobbin design that are available with male or female threads – and either with a metal interleaf ( VBLR/ DBLR) to provide increased load capacity and support high impact load charges, or alternatively without this interleaf (VBL/ DBL).

Finally, we have a range of Low Frequency Mounts (SEM range) suitable for use on light duty applications such as instrumentation panels . All of these products are suitable for use on a wide range of applications including Engines, Gen Sets, Pumps, HVAC, Marine equipment or any equipment that requires a solution to isolate vibration.

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Bell Mounts

Cone Mounts

The Fibet (Fivistop) range of Cone Mounts are low cost vibration isolators that have a high load capacity within a compact size and provide a stable solution for a wide number of applications. They are designed to provide excellent operation in compression and shear forces, but also provide excellent axial deflection. This range of Conical Mounts ( CN range) are ideally suited for isolating Cabs of Trucks & ground moving equipment, Automotive Engines (Domestic and Commercial), Radiators, Car Engines etc. They can also be supplied with voids within the Rubber (CNA range) that allows the Mount to operate with two different radial loads for certain specific applications that require this design.

The Mounts are supplied with rebound washers that minimise overload situations as well as giving a fail-safe functionality. This product range is held in stock for next day delivery within the UK.

To view our cab / cone mounts Click Here

Cone Mounts


The Fibet (Fibel) range of Bushes are extensive, with 1,000’s of size and stiffness variants to suit all applications – the majority of which are available for next day delivery. They are designed to eliminate high frequencies whilst supporting high loads during operation.

They are available in Fully Bonded, Semi-bonded and un-bonded variants, and also with certain options with voids within the Rubber to provide differing isolation in alternate axis. This range of Rubber Bushes enables these products to be used within Automotive, Earth Moving Equipment & general machinery market sectors.

To view our bushes Click Here


Levelling Feet

Fibet offer the most comprehensive range of Levelling Feet on the market, covering our own range of feet ( ZAL), as well as being the UK distributor for the Martin range of Levelling Feet.

These ranges cover simple elastomer feet with fixed threads in a variety of sizes and load capacities through to galvanised or stainless steel feet that provide a range of articulations as well as thread size and load capacities.

We hold a significant amount of stock to suit urgent requirements, or can supply any other levelling foot within a short leadtime.

To view our levelling feet Click Here

Levelling Feet

Universal Mounts

Fibet offer a significant range of universal Mounts that are designed to solve any vibration issues on any application. Our range is too extensive to include on these pages, but please refer to our catalogue to see what we offer as a standard isolator.

If you can’t find anything within our catalogue, please still feel free to contact us to discuss your specific project, as we will be more than happy to support you in anyway required.

To view our universal mounts Click Here

Universal Mounts

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